Yon now know the difference between needs and wants and how they affect your financial decision and even financial goals if not well-managed. Why you still struggle financially is because you have not become aware of the difference between your needs and wants and how to manage or go about it, you keep experiencing financial woes. At this point in your life you should know what you need and what you want and learn to achieve balance between the two so that you can achieve your financial goals in life.

Years ago, our needs were met and we had limited wants but now the level of wants has grown more than needs because of the introduction of exceptional products and services that have eroded the market with great marketing advert positioned in places that can easily capture our mind and attention and the more money you make the more your wants increase too. With this increasingly purchasing more wants, your ability to save, invest or start your side hustle depletes and you lose focus financially.

Years back, I could not prioritize or differentiate between needs or wants, I just bought whatever I want when I hunger for it and I never delay gratification for anything till I became financially aware of my financial status and what I have been doing to myself and started working on myself to change my ideology about money. I realized that there are somethings in life I don’t really want or need, and I started trying to balance my financial life.

I once know some friend years back who was always in financial lack. Once his salary comes, its all gone because of too much wants in his life to the extent that he goes to financial institution to get loans to manage his bad debt, always living him in financial distress.




(1) Needs are individual requirement that must be meet for your survival and important for your day to day existence and fulfillment of a good life. You need air, shelter and many more to survive because without them your existence is inevitable while Wants is just a hunger or desire for a product or service which is but for a passing moment.

(2) Needs are limited meaning they are restricted in size, they are few, but your Wants are unlimited because there’s always need product and services invade the market everyday to draw and capture your mind and attention and makes you desire to have the product or service.

(3) Needs is something you must possess or must have for your existence, comfortability and conduciveness while Wants is what you wish and desire to have to live comfortably and for flamboyant lifestyle.

(4) Needs remain the same; its variable or qualities under a set of given conditions always remain the same in all circumstances but Wants will always change with time if new products and services are introduced into the market to meet your needs and make desire to have the latest one in the market.

(5) if needs are not met or fulfilled, it leads to ailment and death most times but wants lives you destabilized, unhappy and disappointment for a time range.



How do we achieve balance between needs and wants and manage them well? We need to master the art of balancing and managing your wants and needs to achieve your financial freedom. Here are ways to balance your needs and wants:

-Live simply
-Separate your needs and wants
-use your time well
-create a budget
-Focus on your financial freedom.


A life of simplicity can help manage your needs and wants and separate them well. To help achieve your financial freedom, a life of simplicity is very important by adjusting your expectation and living appropriately right. You need to develop the habit of living below your means to achieve financial freedom.


At this point in time, you should become financially aware of your financial status and know the impact of your wants on your finance and how to manage your wants and needs by separating them from one another.


Controlling your wants and sticking to the list of your needs according to your scale of preference takes a level of discipline to achieve. It’s easier to say but it requires more effort and dedication to act on this to get the required result. You also need to maintain self-control for your frivolous buying or else you get financially drained. You must deal with the pattern of not understanding between your wants and needs and know how to deal with the addiction of more wants than needs. To buy somethings, you need to ask yourself critical questions with answers to give you reasons to buy your wants or needs.


Good usage of time will help manage your need and wants and that is one of the way to balance your needs and wants. Also, how you spend your time matters a lot and what you get exposed to matters too. You need to start spending time on what will help you in achieving your goals and becoming financially free than more time on things that depreciates your net-worth. Now is the time to invest more time on yourself and future to break the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.


You need to create a budget and act on it. With a budget, you can control your needs and wants. You will know what goes out and comes in and where it went. If it takes time and effort to start working on budget, do it to help you have a financial focus. Budgeting makes you financial disciplined, focused and help achieve your financial goals.


You need to focus on achieving your financial freedom than letting wants to lead you down the drain. You need to start saving and investing as soon as possible to plan for your financial future. Plan for your retirement, start today by plan and thinking of making tomorrow better than wasting it away frivolously today. If you need help to achieve your financial dream, work on it and get the needed help.



You now know the wider difference between needs and wants and how it helps influence your financial freedom and existence. If needs are not met your existence is at stake but wants is just for a passing moment that lets you down. the key difference between the two of them is their level of significance.


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Most people get jobs or start side hustle to earn money, so they can pay and acquire the things they need. Unless you have an unlimited amount of money, very little people do, you must know your needs so that you can spend your money wisely. Even though we need food and water to survive, we don’t need coke or Pepsi because these things are wants.
These things we truly can’t be without. Some needs don’t cost any money at all – we all need air, but you don’t need to pay for it. Needs are limited because it has a time frame. It also varies between people in different socio- economic system. It is a matter of interest and how you manage it. when your needs are met, in the same process, you start developing other needs, meaning to a level you make and remake your own nature by your desire and hunger for a thing.
When you develop awareness for things, your needs arise, you work to satisfy those needs.
To achieve financial freedom, you must know your needs and know how to budget for them and know how to manage them so as not exceed your spending limit.


                                                             WHAT ARE NEEDS?


A need is something that a person must have to thrive. Without it, that person will suffer either physically or mentally. Need is something needed to survive. Needs are things we must have to survive. Needs makes us act for satisfaction. It is necessary for a healthy living and comfortable life. Needs include: clothing (basic, like t-shirts and socks), health care, savings (for an emergency fund and retirement), security, safe environment and many more.


Our needs move from the smallest to the biggest once it is satisfied. When you satisfy the lower needs, your needs grow higher with time.
These are the 5 types of needs:
1) Physiological needs
2) Safety needs
3) Esteem needs
4) Self- actualization needs
5) Social needs


These are needs essential for your survival, your existence will be in danger or extinction if these needs are not met. These needs keep you in good shape and being physiological sound.
Its totally not possible to live shelter, clothing, air, sleep and others. With somewhere to lay your head, you can think, meditate and reason well and feel comfortable.


These are needs for your security against infections, deadly diseases and worry less about everything. This can come also in form of job security, retirement plan, insurance plan, planning for financial security.


These are needs to be accepted and valued by others. You want to be accepted and recognized for who you are. These need for esteem leads to being reknown, honesty and many more which is the lower- esteem needs while the higher-esteem needs are a respect for yourself leading to independence, self-confidence and freedom which leads to a level of growth.


These are needs for actualization, development, growth and desire to take responsibility and become better. Not everyone is interested in these needs just very little percentage who are totally focused and determined to achieve certain goals in life. As you grow and develop yourself, these needs change.


These are needs to love and be loved by everyone around you. The need to be loved and cared for which is more important than the psychological and security needs. It’s a need for a sense of belonging and affection. Friends, families, and relationship is of utmost important to meet these needs.


Now you know the type of needs and its impact on you. How psychological needs helps you to be sound in thinking, meditation and decision making. How your psychological needs can affect your finance if well- managed and controlled. With psychological needs, you work towards your safety needs to project and plan for your financial future by saving and investing and budgeting to meet your needs.
You want to have a level of self-esteem and acceptance among people. You want to belong to certain class that have the same mindset as you and get you connected to people of the same network.
Working with people of the same mindset is because of self-development and actualizing your goals through investing in yourself to develop yourself and grow your finance and get better every single day.
Finally, social needs to be in the midst of friends and families to be loved and cared for, you need people to talk to about your financial life or any other area of your life to know where you are and how far you have and how to help you improve and give you ideas and advice to make the best decisions from.

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There are things needed for the survival of human being but some of them are not wanted and can be managed, discarded or delay gratification to achieve future financial goals. These things not needed buy occur as emotional need that can be controlled but wants to derail your financial future or you are not being financially aware of its impact.
When you work or earn a living through your job or side hustle, it’s meant for your needs and wants but how you priotized them matters a lot to help manage your finance.
Man has unlimited wants and they come in different forms and things needed to satisfy this desire is limited. If these wants are not controlled, they can lead you to accumulating expenses and it leads to bad debt that leaves you struggling financially.
These wants can rely on your environment, family background, friends and mindset. Character and depth of strength also has impact on your wants and how you manage them goes a long way to yield a better result.
What one-person needs is another person wants. And there are a variety of ways to meet a need or a want. Our wants seem to change due to civilization and new products and services that erode your mind with mind blowing online adverts, bill-boards, posters and many more. If we go with all these flows in the world and listen to all the music playing around you and dance to their tune, they leave you in bad shape and these wants can change on the long run once the desire for that product or service fades out as a result of new influx of product design in the market and many more.
If you desire so much for something for a while and with time that hungers fade off that is WANT because its not a priority and not extremely urgent. They are just things you crave and love but you could do without them if you don’t have the money to buy them and can also do without them but if you have the money and it adds no value, you emotionally control yourself, so that it won’t form an habit.
Most companies rely on your hunger for things to design products that leads to our emotional buy because we want them and lots of people go extra- mile to get these things that are not needed.
The trick to investing, saving money, and reaching your financial goals is to make sure you’re wisely balancing your long-term needs and your short-term wants to allow you live well frugally, and find joy and contentment in life. There is no formula for that as only you can determine which compromise you are willing to make.
Is it that it is bad to enjoy the good things of life? No. but have a level of discipline, commitment and focus to know what you want, how to curb, control and cut the unnecessary ones to help plan, budget your finance to achieve your financial freedom.

                                                          WHAT ARE WANTS?

A want is a choice. A desire which a person may or may not be able to get. A want is a desire to have a product or service immediately or near future, that may, or may not, be able to obtain.
With these two definitions, there is not much to discuss on this definition.
When you look deep into your finance or become financially aware of where you are or why you struggle you realize that you desire for too many wants that you end up acquiring without knowing much about it.
Wants are electronics, jewelry, clothing (non-necessities – designer sneakers, video games and many more. These wants derails you from your financial goals most times and you are in-depth into it without being aware of the financial consequences.
You really desire that designer T-shirts and sneakers that just got launched but you just bought T-shirts and sneakers months ago, but you keep desiring to have this new product with its exceptional design and style. With this hunger to acquire this want, you might likely hunger more for the latest designs which put you in financial traps and increase your expenses.


                                                     THREE TYPES OF WANTS

The three types of wants are:

1.) Necessity
2.) Comfort
3.) Luxuries


There are wants that makes you alive and if you do not have these things you can’t live on earth and you can’t do without them. They are water, food, clothes, house and many more. You need to eat to be alive. You need shelter over your head and you want water to quench your thirst. All these wants are important for your well-being.


Without comforts, you can’t live. Only comforts give makes life conducive and better for you. It makes you more efficient and effective. Table, chairs, bed, fan, computers and many more. These wants makes us desire comfort.


Luxuries surfaces when you are living comfortably. After dreaming of many things, you want to live in exclusive house, drive an expensive car and live the high standard of living. These desires are luxury and reduces your value.




Your wants are never completely meet or satisfied and will never be, as long as you are alive. Once you quench the test for one, another one erupts, and this is an unending cycle. If you buy that flashy car three to six months ago, there’s probability of you disposing that car to acquire the latest car to show off or meet up to the standard of your pairs.


No matter how large that want is, it is satiable if you have the resources to and the desire can be curbed to control the wants. If you want that product and you have the money, surely you will get it.


Want changes as time does with individual wants. People want different things in different place and in different times too.
A man in one country wants a car and another in different country also wants a car too but they are not the same because of what both men want in the car.


With modernization, the wants of people have changed and their desire have increased too. The wants of people in the village and city is not the same. The wants of people in the city desires the latest of every new product released and that hunger is extremely growing and insatiate.


Once you desire for a particular wants all the time and you try to satisfy it but this hunger do not quench, it becomes an habit that causes financial woes for you.



When your income increases, your mind tells you, you need to live up to the standard of your new status and your wants also changes too, you want to meet this new desire to living to the standard of your pairs.


Our wants can be influenced by the bill-board, posters and online adverts you see and start desiring to have them because the image of that product has been captured by your mind and your emotions are already attached to it.


With these, you know what wants are, the types of wants and how wants influence your hunger for things and how it makes you buy things frivolously and what to do to curb, manage or cut down your wants.


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When an act is reiterated more than two to three times following the same pattern, a clear nervous connection is formed, this leads to a total shifting of thoughts and mindset. When the process repeats itself continuously, it becomes an HABIT which is because of what you see, hear and act upon.
When these habits are retained because of continuous action it firmly becomes part of you in all ramification. These habits can be psychological in terms of decision making, thinking and others while muscular in terms of sitting, walking standing and others and another is character which is in terms of feelings, emotions and others.
To form a good habit, you must be determined to take a decision to know the habits you exhibit, start afresh to get rid of all unnecessary excesses and you will need to be determined and be ready to persevere to offload the old habits for the new one. The change in habits might not come fast but you must be determined to act and develop these new habits and work on them every day and keep practicing and be consistent. Your environment and who you relate and hang out with matters a lot in building these new habits.
You must develop the willpower to resist the habit or else you will see yourself in the same habits the following day. You need to know the routine of these habits and break it into a new one entirely.
Think of a plan that will help you work on your new habits daily, monthly, quarterly and so forth to help you achieve your desired goals. In this, we start making vital choice that impacts our decisions



There is nothing comparable to knowledge. What you know today and put into action yield great result. You must a voracious reader to read books and acquire knowledge. Reading books open a new world to you and new ideology if acted upon change your world forever. When you read books and acquire knowledge consistently it accumulates with time accelerate your success and help achieve financial success. Knowledge acquired in books can also help improve and grow your financial skills.
Reading financial books transformed my life and finance. I read a lot of books on personal finance and it turned my finance around when I started acting on it by saving, investing and projecting for my financial future.
You need to invest in yourself by reading the right books that helps your personal development. Why some people remain average or below average or poor is because of the level of knowledge they are exposed to. Where you are today is the function of knowledge you are exposed to.
Reading the right books exposes you to the greatest gift in life. With books, you will be exposed to wealth creation and lead you to financial freedom as you act towards what you read. You must start reading the right books today that help grows your skills and help you earn more and lead to become financially free.


Now is the time to know everything about your finance and be mentally aware of your financial status. Now is the time to think and meditate on it and know why you acquire more expenses than before.


When you spend more time watching television or likely 80% of your time, you realize that you watch more junks that feeds you with what endangers you than what helps your growth and exposes you to financial hazard that makes you see flamboyant lifestyle and unrealistic things that later hurt your finance. Now is the time to make adjustment to watch things that help you manage your life, finance and your spiritual growth.
What you watch and act on is what you become tomorrow. Be careful of what you feed your eyes with and know the consequences if it’s either good or bad.
When you create time watching programmes that adds value to your life and spend more time acting on them it yields result. If you need a guardian or counselor to give you the direction you need, act on it than spend more time doing harm to your mental health.
Stop watching junks, these junks on Television has led some people to theft, suicide and deadly act all in the sake of wanting the lifestyle they see on television. Make it your choice today to add financial, mental, spiritual and psychological value to yourself by what you watch. By watching less and acting more boldly to help change your life and future tomorrow.


You need to start saving before spending, you need to save to prepare and plan to become financially independence and be able to plan for future. When you spend before saving, there is possibility that you might have nothing left in your account because you plan for expenses and debt first before planning for yourself and your future which lives you in dire financial situation.
If anything makes you spend more than saving and planning for the future now is the time to correct it and start making it right. Its never to late to start saving.
The internet and mobile world have made it easy to save money in a lazy way by automating it into another of your account you don’t make use off. If you do this continuously you get use to it and it becomes a habit and a part of you.
When you automate by saving first, you will know how to manage your expenses and budget for your finance
Doing this makes you plan for not only your future but that of your family.



Being around the right set of people help you create the right habits that leads to your financial freedom. These set of people will help you through getting new job, connecting you to people who can expose you to business deals and help your growth. Being around the right people is contagious and help create the right financial mindset. The people you walk and hang around with impact all area of your lives. We become the people we interact and mingle with. If things are not going smoothly with you, you need to check your network and the impact they have on you.
Now is the time to surround yourselves with the right people that can help your growth


You need to get financial education. Become fully educated about managing your finance, budgeting your money and investing your money. You need to know the types of education. Know about asset and liability. What goes in and out your pocket and how to plan for the rainy days and the tough times.
You need to get more enlightened about stocks, bond, mutual funds and real estate and how these assets help creates cash flow to make you rich and financially free.
You need to know now that times have change and it takes more than one source of income to take care of the family needs and meet up to the standard of inflation and live comfortably well.



Knowing how habits is formed makes you know why you are where you and why you act the way you do and how to change this habit. In my last post, I blogged on habits to get rid of and now is the time to develop the right financial mindset to help your financial future.
Procrastination can destroy your financial freedom, never wait till tomorrow, now is the time to take the right step to turn things around and stop living from paycheck to paycheck and make your financial future safe.


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You now know the impact of habits in your life. If you are either successful or unsuccessful, rich or poor, moving forward or being stagnant, it’s all because of your habit. These habits are in form of seeds sown yesterday that give forth fruits that are either good or bad and these seeds project into the future. If these habits are bad, they will lead to disaster.
These habits are formed by learning and can be unlearned, they are pass down to us from parents, friends, environment, school and many more. Over the years, the habits have made us who we are and it either take you to a higher height or leave you the way you are.
Now is the time to become aware of where you are financially and know the habits that are ruining you and leaving you in financial woes. Now is the time to fish them out and deal with them. There are bad financial habits to get rid of. Habits making your expenses grow higher than your budget and habits making you spend more than you earn. Habits taking charge of your emotions and control you. These are habits controlling your money instead of you controlling your money.

There are two types of financial habits:

– good habits
– bad habits


These habits are destructive and financially lead you down the drain and put you in financial woes. These are inherited habits that you learn over time by the people that encircles your life daily and over time has made you who you are and where you are currently in all areas of your life. To move out of that misery and penury lifestyle, you need to change these habits. Some try to break these habits but struggle with themselves and find themselves back in it again. You have mastered these habits for many years and they are impact the way you act think, relate with people and every other thing and it has become your way of life and nothing new but just these habits, you sleep, wake, go out and come in with them so you don’t see anything bad in it. If anybody challenges this ideology of yours, you have reply to them, but these habits have instilled in you a lot of junks that are harmful, and you never see them even till you become totally broke.
These are frivolous spending, using credit cards excessively, not paying yourself, accumulating too much expenses leading to bad debt and many more.


These are habits that lead to financial freedom, these habits put you in the right state of mind and you are more disciplined, focus, hardworking and committed to achieving these freedom by acting on them daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly to help break away from the abysmal inherited habits.
These are also inherited habits with the support of people around you or you realize you have bad financial habits that is destroying you and you decided to make a change by breaking this terrible habit by unlearning them and learning something new that makes you financially comfortable as the time goes by. You put so much effort into these new lifestyle and you are on your way to financial freedom
These are living below your means, your mindset, paying yourself, investing your money into stocks, bond, mutual funds, real estate and others, cutting down all excesses and many more.



How long will you continue to complain about your paycheck and how much you earn and how small it is? How long will you live from paycheck to paycheck? How long will you live in debt accumulating expenses unnecessarily? How long will you hate your job because of your paycheck? How long will you hate yourself or life because of the paycheck you earn? How long will not think of a way to increase your paycheck? Think of a way out. Is it not time to make a temporary sacrifice that will increase your paycheck on the long run? Is it not time to take a bold step and ask for a pay raise, if you know you add value to the company and your finances keeps choking you? Is it not time you try something new to change your paycheck? Better off, look for way to improve on your skills?
It’s time to stop complaining about your paycheck and think about stop living from paycheck to paycheck. Now is the time to think of budgeting to flee paycheck to paycheck lifestyle and get rid of this habit.


Not taking time to review your finance is not too healthy for you. You need to review it monthly, quarterly or even yearly to know how far you have come. If you do not review your finance you won’t know if you need to save more or to invest more? You might be too conservative which is not too good. Not reviewing your finances will make you know what expenses does to your finance or know where your money is going and why that expense consumes too much of your finance and what to do about it.
Not reviewing your finance will make you not know how to allocate certain amount to certain things. Not reviewing your finance puts you in harm way.


Not investing in yourself is harmful to your financial growth and stability. Why will your financial life not remain the same if you do not invest in yourself? Not investing in yourself to grow financially by acquiring that needed knowledge that will change your finance is detrimental to you. Not think of acquiring skills that will influence your finance, not starting that side hustle that help stabilizes your finance and create chance for future growth. Not giving away to attract more and many more. Not doing that professional course that will later lead to a pay raise and help you financially is not good.
Not reading books and acquiring knowledge for your financial freedom and budgeting is harmful to you. Investing in yourself is key to your financial well-being. It’s just a lifestyle you develop that turn your finance around.


You want to make all the millions before you start investing is not good. Not thinking of starting with the little in your hand. Thinking that you must grow big to start investing is bad and you keep procrastinating and never take the step to act on what you know or being scared it will affect you. You keep procrastinating on your saving because of one financial excuse or the other. You never invest because you have cloud your mind with the market fears if it will go bear or bull. You keep telling yourself you will till later in the future you have nothing to fall back on when you experience financial challenges. Now is the time than never to start investing for the future and for your financial freedom.


Its time to stop spending more than you earn. How long will you spend more than you earn? How long will you continue to live like this? How long will you be extravagant and be flamboyant with your lifestyle? This habit is very destructive and leaves you in paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. It leaves you in debt and being emotionally unstable most times. When you spend more than you earn, you earnestly await your salary every day and depend so much on it because you have accumulated expenses. Now is the time to review this financial habit that is leading down the poverty line.


Once you start touching your emergency savings unnecessarily giving aimless reasons for issues to solve or to satisfy your inordinate desire this is not good for your finance and putting your financial future at risk by preventing your savings from growing. Every time you are in financial need, your mind tells you to touch it giving you reasons you ought to and before you know, you empty the account.
You need to look for ways to make your personal savings a little inaccessible with better interest rate.

Knowing that there are types of habits that can either make us better or destructive is great. That habits can be learned and unlearned is also vital and the decisions made is from habits formed because of our thought pattern later impacts our financial future. With these, you know some terrible habits you need to get rid of no matter how bad they are. There are many more

habits but these few I focused on is very vital to your financial future and need to take a bold step to change your finance and deal with these habits that makes life uncomfortable and unbearable for you.

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This year, you need to take control of your finance if you have not been doing that for a long time. If your finance has been in control of your life and telling you where your money ought to go. Now is the right time to make that change. Now is the time to start controlling your finance. Now is the time to reform those habits and have a change of mindset about money to turn your financial circumstance around.

Your financial habits make the great difference in your life currently and the future. Now is the time than never to act and take the bold step. If you have been reading my blog and other blogs on managing your finance and you have not been taking step because of one limitation or beliefs or other hindrances in your mind, now is the time to break the barrier and start practicing what you read.
Now is the time to start acting and stop complaining about your financial woes, how bad the economy is and terrible or bad one thing or the other is, how one situation is draining you and many more.
Now is the time know what goes in and out of your pocket and how it goes out and its destination.


Now is the time to start developing financial habits that will lead to your financial freedom. Now is the time to make an invaluable progress in your financial life. You need to set these goals and break it down into bits and go after achieving it.
These habits need to be developed because we are not born with it, we learn them by what we see and the actions we take and unlearn the terrible habits that is destroying you financially. When we develop good habits, it yields great result and create greater steps for greater height.

We also need to have it at the back of our mind that small seed sown today gives better result tomorrow. Now is the time to reconsider your financial situation and reorganize it to where it ought to be to plan your financial independence. Now is the time to break your bad and harmful financial habits to create a new one that help create a better financial future.

Less than three to five years ago, I sat to review my finance and realized I need to let go of some toxic habits I did not know how I developed them and how destructive it has been to me in all ramifications. After sitting down to review, these habits, I realized it has done more harm than good to me and I had to start dealing with this habits. I had to put my self together and be more focused and disciplined to bring about a change to have a better financial future.

For your financial well-being, now is the time to take charge and control of your finance and not your finance  controlling you.
When your finance is under your control, you secure yourself and your families future and break the barrier of debt. Your financial hardship all these years is because of bad and horrible decisions you made that left you the way you are. Now is the time to fish out those bad decision that led to bad habits that wants to destroy your financial future.
Sometimes we make mistakes but when they become habits that is when it becomes destructible and harmful.
Now is the time to break this destructive habit and reform yourself for great habits and better develop new beliefs about money.


A way or pattern of behavior that is cyclical and tends to occur subconsciously and consciously.

With subconscious pattern, you start acting consciously and you make this behavior realistic and start acting on them by taking decisions that leads to better habits and actions. These actions are either good or bad that leads to great path or terrible path leads you down the drain.

                                                 FINANCIAL HABITS

These are habits developed to help cut down excesses or transform your subconsciously thought pattern to consciously achieve financial independence or freedom.

Creating new habits are tough to form because you have been in these habits of spending extravagantly or accumulating expenses for many years and now trying to reform your mind to create a new one that will transform your life for good. You will say its not easy. That is the truth. Nothing is every easy, but you must be prepared to make a great change that will transform things for good.
You must become aware of your decisions and start making little decisions and take actions and steps that are paramount for your future. Its important you take these small decisions that shape and form your habits and life. These habits you form today will either make you rich or poor, either successful or unsuccessful, either great or small tomorrow.
What you do everyday as the years go by totally forms who you are. Its shapes and forms the person you become, what you believe, how you think and how you act. When you learn to transform your habits, you transform your life consciously and subconsciously.


We now know that habits are vital to either being successful or unsuccessful, great or small, poor or rich. We know that these small decisions and actions we make daily forms who we are. Its forms our future and destiny. Its all in your hands to make a choice today to either remain where you are or move forward to turns things around for good. The time has come, and the time is now to take actions. Actions can either make or break you depending on the habits you form, your mental attitude and behavior.
How you act and react to situation and circumstances is because of your habit. How you manage your expenses that led to bad debt is all about your mindset and habits.
These habits are either inherited from our parents, friends and family and the one we learn in our environment which have been harmful to you. Most of the times, you spend more time with these people, you think and reason like them and share the same habit in common, words and actions too and have a negative impact on all areas of your life.
You have now come to the reality of it all, take steps to review yourself and habits too.

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You now know the impact of too much expenses on your finance and how they drain you slowly without being aware and the types of expenses you incur either fixed expenses that slightly change due to uncommon circumstances and variable expenses due to your impulsive and flamboyant lifestyle.
With these discussed, you now know where you stand and how you really need to investigate these small expenses that build to form debt for you. Now is the time to start looking into your spending and tracking how you spend and manage your money. Taking these steps help you finance positively in a huge way.
Now is the time to look at everything from utility bills to rent to managing your money, frivolous spending, subscriptions and everything needed to be done.
These are the ten ways to help cut down your expenses and have enough to spend, save and invest.


You need to know where your money is going. What is really eating deep into your money, why is it consuming your money and many more things. List out all the expenses no matter how minute it is and all you can get your hands on. Write all of them down and know you are also responsible for these expenses. With these list, you become aware of your expenses and know where you currently stand.


Categorize your expenses to where they belong. Categorize them to fixed and variable expenses and under each of these expenses you know the impact on your finance and how it affects you and what to do.
Knowing the type of expenses and what it means matters a lot, it gives an insight into the type of expense you deal with and how flexible or rigid it is or not and the one you can make adjustment on.


With planning on cutting down your expenses, you need review your past and current expenses and know where it is going and look for ways to deal with these past and present expenses. Your past expenses will make you know how to deal with your current ones when you see all you have been accumulating and know how you have accumulated much expenses and why.
By reviewing the past and the present, you will know if you need it or not, if to cut it down to the barest minimum or manage them.
After seeing your past expenses, look for way to reduce the current one, look for way to put an end to any habit and refrain your mind from the consuming habits to saving and investing habit.
You can stop your frivolous habits like buying emotionally, stop eating outside or look for restaurant with affordable price to eat than eating in an exclusive restaurant all the time or best bet prepare your food from home to help save more money.
Look for way to search for a low and comfortable subscription for your phone and television that still serves well.



After dealing with your past and present expenses and know which expenses is affecting your finance and cutting it down. You need to create a plan to start budgeting your finance and know where your excesses are going and where you incur more expenses. In budgeting, you will be assigning certain amount to each expense and look for ways to cut down the one that affects your finance more. If it’s looking for ways to cut your utilities bills like reducing your plans on your mobile phones, reduce or stop consumable habits like excessive smoking and drinking, look for a less expensive way to entertain yourself, transportation fees by looking for short-cuts. You really need a level of discipline and commitment to get it done. You need to start tracking your spending and managing or control your emotions to help deal with your spending habit too.


Know that as you try to manage your expenses, you need to create room for adjustment. You will experience a mental shift in managing your money and belief about money. You also need adjustment to give you a financial balance. It makes you become aware about your money and know the value of every penny spent and its worth.


After budgeting, tracking your expenses and adjusting them. You can start planning for your excesses and what to do with it. you can either use it to settle other issues or plan for your finance.
With creating budgeting, you can easily set financial goals to save for emergency and invest to make your money work for you.


You need to start tracking your expenses and track every penny spend. You need to realistically know why you are spending every penny. Every penny that goes out and comes in must be tracked and documented with meaningful reason.


Through review your performance, you will know how far you have gone with reviewing your expenses and the effort you have made to bring this change to your finance. If through cutting down your expenses and budgeting, what impact it has to your finance and how you been able to manage your money well to save, invest and support your side hustle.
In reviewing you will know if you need to be more disciplined and improve on getting your expenses reduced by taking actions or if you are really on track to a great financial future.
This review can be done monthly or quarterly to know your stand. It’s a mathematical reality check that will be of great help to how you manage your money and have plan for your financial independence.


With these discussed, you now know why you spend too much on expenses, the types of expenses and which one consumes your finance, ways to cut your expenses and how to manage your finance.
You now know the impact on your finance and how you can reduce or manage your expenses too. Now, you know how they eat bit by bit into your finance.
Dealing with these expenses will help your finances a lot, if you review your performance and come to the reality through reviewing them.
With these, you can now deal with your expenses and acquire a new mindset about managing your money and how to adjust to this new lifestyle and plan your road to financial freedom.

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Knowing that expenses can put you in a bad financial shape and lead to bad debt is worrisome. Also, knowing how too much expenses is affecting you and why you accumulate them was discussed in my last post. Knowing that these expenses can be caused by little things we take for granted and rarely bother to investigate or take note of is also worrisome.

you also know these habits either make you or destroy you leading you down the drain if your emotions are not controlled and things curbed to help have a great financial future.
You need to start looking at how these expenses prevents you from achieving your financial goals like saving, investing and starting your side hustle to become financially free. How they eat deep into your finance bit by bit and how to curb, manage, settle off or either delay gratification to achieve certain goals.

Expenses comes in many form as shared in my last post that they are in business, project, and personal finance. Most  times, it boils down to habit that we develop or learn which can be unlearn. Peer groups that makes us incur these expenses and generational patterns from family which you have followed, and your next generation might likely continue with it too if care is not taken.

Expenses are in many kinds, but the important ones are the ones that deal with managing your finance and how to weed it out and growing wealth is the most important one.

It’s never too late to start now to fix everything that ought to be salvaged early and put your finance in shape. You never know there are types of expenses and they fall into different kinds too.


These are the two types of expenses



These are expenses that are fixed and do not change and are paid on basis. They rarely fluctuate and cost the same amount. These are unavoidable expenses. Its always easier to budget for this type of expense because of the amount is fixed and can’t be waived but it can change slightly due to circumstances. It always takes the highest portion in your finance.

Fixed expenses can be rent, mortgage car payment subscriptions, loans and many more.
The interesting part is that your fixed expense is still flexible. For example, if you change location to a new environment there is probability that your rent might be high or low which makes it change due to circumstances.

For example, John works in a soap manufacturing company as a supervisor. He lives in a three bedroom flat with his wife and two kids. He earns #100,000 monthly. The company got hit by serious loss and drop in sales. They had no option but to cut down staff and reduce salaries. John escaped been laid off but had his salary cut by 40%. He had no option but first change environment to look for two-bedroom flat and live in an environment with low rent to budget and manage his finance.

That is just one in many examples of fixed expenses that can be flexible due to situation that occurred. When the rent either go high or low, may you lose your job, trying to cut down your expense or got to job and you need to move close to house or trying to live up to the new standard of life you just acquired.

Also, looking into ways to fix your subscription can either make it higher or lower based on the new lifestyle you just acquired too.

Knowing the way fixed expenses alter your finance is also important and looking for the best way to sort it out so  that you can budget well for your finance and worry less financially is also of great importance too.


Variable expenses are daily expenses you engage in. These expenses are more on non-essentials, they are incurred on your own freewill and required for living comfortably. You make the decision to acquire these expenses based on voluntary expenditures. The amount spent on these expenses differs monthly. These necessities surfaces in form of wants like frivolous spending.

It’s one of the hardest expenses because its where you can cut your excesses and move the excesses to where the money can work well for you. It needs total commitment and focus to manage this kind of expense. It’s about making  decision if to buy or spend on certain things or not. If to involve in events that requires frivolous spending or not.

Example of variable expenses are eating in exclusive restaurant, buying expensive clothes, spending frivolously with friends in expensive places, car repairs, spending on groceries and many more.

For example, Rowland was a banker, earns over #150,000 and wants to live up to the standard of his peers. He buys his suites and clothing from the mall and hangs out with friends on Friday night and spends more than his friends on booze to show he’s of the same class. When he got married, everything changed, and he realized the damage he’s has done to himself. He decided to cut all these losses drastically.

With this, you understand variable expense and its realistic impact on you in all areas of your life and where you stand currently and the next action to take.


Knowing these two types of expenses is crucial to your finance and knowing why you acquire too much of them is also important. Also knowing the impact of these expenses on your finance and knowing that you can act on them to fix your finance is of great importance.Knowing that you can cut down these expenses and that they can be adjusted due to situation is undeniable.

These expenses eat bit by bit into your finance without being aware of it till you do a review on paper that is when you see mathematically how deep it affects your finance.
You need to start looking into your fixed and variable expenses and plan on how to start cutting them down so that you can save more, invest more or invest in your side hustle or plan to expand your side hustle, pay up your debt, build up your emergency fund and many more positive things to do with the free cash.

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You incur expenses in pattern that leads to bad debt. It also comes in many form, it might be expenses to run a business, what it cost to design a product, manage a project and money incurred at home.
It’s just to keep the system running that’s why expenses are incurred. Expenses decreases our value or reduces our asset. What eats more into our salary is expenses but what goes deeper are the aimless ones. If not fished out will lead one to a life of paycheck to paycheck even penury.
When you budget, higher percentage goes to expenses because these are issues to be tackled and managed to help plan our finances. Expenses prevents us from saving or investing because they affect the way we manage our money. Your ability to budget your finance is the way towards seeing the impact of expenses on your money and how to curb them.
Its time to review your spending and know why the expenses are too much and why its cutting deep into your finances. Expenses are patterns that have been accumulated from your habits and you can change this mindset to become financially free.
Is it not time to start reviewing your expenses and know why you acquire too much expenses.? Is it not time to start being disciplined with your finance by budgeting and know why expenses is reducing you to penury?
Its time to fish out your unnecessary excesses and cut them down. You really need to review your expenses and know what you are not really doing right and start doing the right thing.
Why so much expenses? So much of it because of frivolous lifestyle, accumulated bills, utilities or unnecessary spending that leads to borrowing.
There are times I review my expenses and realize I spend much on transportation and other minor expenses and had to deal with it because it ate deep into my finance. You need to investigate where you are spending much and know what is killing your finance slowly.
Your expenses comes in forms of food expenses, mobile phone bills, clothing, entertainment and many more, you really need to review yourself and know why you are spending too much on frivolities and what to do about it.


Expense is a decrease or reduction in your asset. Its an outflow of cash from an individual for payment of items or services. Its cost incurred on something. It’s also money spend meeting needs and wants.

20180327_233201                                              8 REASONS YOU HAVE TOO MUCH EXPENSES

Living your lights on when leave your room or not turning off  the light when you are about sleeping, not using energy saving bulbs  and forgetting to turn off your electronic and electrical appliances increases your expenses no matter how small it is eats little by little into your finance.
There are series of subscription, you pick the one with the highest fee because you want to watch all the stations and you truly know you never have time to watch them.
Also, paying for high internet subscription by service provider affects your finance  but you never take note of it. The same goes for your landline and cellphone. If you take time to do a little calculation to know how much you spend on these utility bills, you surely know you have been spending too much on bills.


Eating too much or spending too much on feeding or eating most of the time in restaurant and fast foods that charge high fees impact your finance. Check how much you spend on drinks? Do you review how much you spend on drinking every weekend?
You buy extremely expensive clothes from boutique or malls because you want to look good. Not a bad idea though but take time to think of its impact on your finance? Are there places to get it at a better price that will save you more money?
What of the amount you spend on transport? What of the effect of taxi’s all the time on your finance? Can this situation be salvaged before it leads you down the drain? Are there short cuts to help deal with the amount you spend on transport?
What of the membership group you are in that you pay monthly amount and some of them you rarely have the time to attend. You rarely have the time to justify the amount spent on these membership group and they slow down your finance.


Your habits no matter how small leads to destructive act and put you in financial mess. These terrible habits make us buy too many things we need but we want them, and these things build up expenses that even lead to debt.


This another way of accumulating expenses, when you can’t control your emotion you buy unnecessarily because of your shopping addiction and other factors too. These emotional buy leads to debt and we don’t check our lives to see the harm emotional buying has caused and your expenses keep piling up.


Peer group have impact in your finance and in the expense, you accumulate because you want to act like them and want to be in the same caucus and its making you uncomfortable in your leisure time and putting you in sober reflection.
With this peer group, you develop the same mindset and lifestyle, and might all be struggling financially leading a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.


Unnecessarily collecting and accumulating loans without checking the interest rates and penalties involved for late payment incur more expenses and leads to huge debt. You don’t check into what you collect and with time, you realize you keep struggling to pay the debt.


You accumulate expenses because you are freak on technology or the latest product you quickly offloading the what you bought not up to three to six months ago to replace with the latest one and you don’t truly take note of this.


Where you dwell can affect your finance and make you incur expenses because it might be a high- standard area where things are expensive and  the rent around there is also expensive. You notice yourself struggling financially every month as if you find yourself in secret pain.


These are little things we don’t investigate but affect our finance. These are expenses that are killing you currently and you need to work towards dealing with these tiny bits that forms mountain of debt and makes us financially and mentally unstable. Since we know these minor expenses, now is the time to act and cut down these excesses and prepare to become financially free.

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You really to know how bad or terrible your financial situation is, where you stand currently and what to do. You can’t be in debt forever because there’s always a way out of debt no matter how big or small. You need to get out of debt to achieve financial freedom. You need to change your mindset about debt and your actions towards it.
You need not let the amount scare you but know you are the only one that can settle the debt and bring yourself out of it and you must be committed and determined to leave debt once and for all. Leaving your  debt is about changing your habit and mindset about it. you need to leave debt because it hinders you from saving, investing and stops you from becoming financially independent.


These are the following ways out of debt:


To know where you stand, make a list of how much you owe. That’s the only way to come to a reality with where you are, you look at the situation of things to know how bad or terrible the situation is. How much you will need to settle the debt and how long it will take you to pay it off and the interest rate involved and its effect on your finance. You must decide to put an end to this bad habit.
You must have at the back of your mind that your case is not the worst and there are people with terrible cases than yours and that should give you the confidence you put an end to your debt.


You need to change the way you see debt. You need to analyze your debt and know why you are into debt and you must change your habit by putting an end to the habit of debt, mostly bad debt that puts you in financial mess. Habits  led you into debt and you must change the habit by breaking it and change your mindset. look for ways to cut down this habits entirely and start making the right choices that will lead to your financial freedom.


If you accumulated a huge debt, you need to start with the smaller ones that you can pay faster and easily to help cut down the debt in bit so that it won’t affect you financially. You pay the smaller one and focus on the huge one by breaking it down and getting it done once and for all.


You need to look for ways to earn more to help deal with your debt and settle it. if it’s  changing to a higher paying job, ask for raise in your company or look for another source of income to help tackle your debt issue. You need to do it and put your mind to it to leave the debt lifestyle.


You need to start budgeting your finance to help manage, curb and pay off your debt because through budgeting you can begin to assign certain amount to paying off your debt bit by bit and to help cut down your excesses, track your spending and manage your money well. If excesses are left, you can use it to support paying off your debt. You must create a plan and make it an emergency to resolve the debt and get out of it.


You must start living below your means and stopping all unnecessary frivolous spending that has led you to incurring debt and living paycheck to paycheck. You must make the sacrifice of living below your means and introduce a level of discipline to flee from debt.
You must either reduce or withdraw from the places and companies that caused your frivolous lifestyle that led to debt so that you can become financially free.


If you know you are having difficulty sorting out your debt, you can get a financial planner or a counsellor to help you out of the debt by creating plans and strategy out of it and make it realistic and show you steps and process to follow.



If you can work on your interest rate to be lower, it will be better to help on your debt and there’s a possibility of getting better rates. Most times, you also need to check the rates you are given. Also, check the terms and conditions before taking the loans and know if there’s a delay in payment, at what percentage will the interest rate grow so you will know if to leave it to try somewhere else or take the loan.


Always know when to say “No” or else you keep spending more than you plan and you end up borrowing to take care of yourself or pay for your loved ones. This ought to be part of you and make it decisive or else you see yourself back in debt. Making this decision makes you know when to delay gratification or not spending at all.


The wrong company can lead you to debt with their frivolous or being broke which leads you down the drain. The only way out is to give them a break, manage them or cut them out of your life entirely.
Being in company with them will leave you in more problem and make you financially unstable, you start sharing the same habits and mindset.

Try out these ways to resolve your debt problems and I also know there are many more steps but this few says it all on how to tackle your debt. If you are committed, dedicated and focused to pay off your debt, you will surely get the result thereof. Once you can settle your debt, I know you have acquired knowledge and experience about debt, how to handle it and even help a fellow mate fix it.
With this, it makes you know that no matter the situation, there’s always a way out of it when you think of the way forward with a plan and strategy.

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