A lot of opportunities have passed you by that can lead to your financial freedom, but you have put that off yourself one way or the other because you are not aware that a good opportunity that can turn you around have passed you by. The road to financial freedom need vital steps, decision and action that can turn things around for you. Its not a smooth path but with steps taken you get there. In these steps, you might meet people along the way that might discourage you or make you see reasons you need to enjoy now and forget about later. These little things you take for granted hinders you from being free financially, but you never take note of them.

You don’t think of financial freedom because you don’t talk of money or see money as lack or hard to get or everyone around you share the same mindset so you look at it as normal and no need to act or take actions. Most times, you are being tired down by one story that has held you down and you find it hard to navigate around and move forward.

It does not matter how much money you make, if its not well managed and no level of discipline and commitment to achieving your financial freedom you end up struggling financially. Its one thing to think of financial freedom and a way to leave the rat- race it’s another thing to act and be committed to it.

How have been your attitude towards money, you need to review how you think about money or else you will still be stuck in the same position, struggling to break free from the rat race.

Once you have these questions in mind or have the right answers to these questions, you will know why you are where you are financially and why you are there and if you really want to make a change or want to remain where you are. If you want to step up or work out more ways to your financial independence or you want to keep earning the same amount or you want to change that amount, there are many more to thinking of your financial freedom and many more hinderances to it.


There are hinderances to financial freedom and they are:


When fear cripples your mind, it hinders your decision making and not getting it right. Fear hinders you from creating wealth or having more. It places limits around your thoughts and you are crippled to stay in one position and enjoy life in that confinement. If you are tied down to a confinement you can create a financial plan or think of setting financial goals or even come near being financially free.

Fear of your debt cripples you and hinders you from even thinking of saving or investing because you feel you will never finish paying off your debt or not knowing where to start or even plan for your retirement.

When you are fearful about your financial freedom, you must have doubted yourself a lot and when you doubt yourself you are short of ever thinking of reaching your desired financial freedom.


When you are filled with doubt, you are uncertain about your financial freedom and your future. If you are certain about your financial goals, you will surely know how it will turnout for you because you are organized and plans for your current situation and the future. You spend more time doubting yourself and your thoughts is pre-occupied with money scarcity, worries about your finance and how to move from one position to another and you are still swimming in the rat-race struggle.

With uncertainty, your money comes in and goes out. Your spending is not even certain, you are buying impulsively and act with uncertainty about anything involving money and unstable mindset about money habits.


Procrastination starts with little action till it becomes a habit you develop and before you know it spreads deeper than you thought and you realize a little later than you know. It hinders your action to financial freedom because they keep giving yourself reasons why you can’t save, invest or side hustle. You procrastinate because you develop the habit of delaying your plan even after you get enlightened about an investment product or planning to save because you assume to have accumulated debt or have more expenses than you thought.You procrastinate because you develop the habit of delaying your plan even after you get enlightened about an investment product or planning to save because you assume to have accumulated debt or have more expenses than you thought.

Procrastination in paying up your debt or credit cards and your interest rate grows. You keep procrastinating to starting budgeting your finance and learning to be in control of your finance.

When you keep procrastinating, you delay your chances of working towards achieving your financial freedom or ever setting or achieving goals that help you live your paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.


If you don’t have a level of discipline, you will say “YES” to almost 90% of things and say “NO” to 10% of things which affect your finance. If you don’t cultivate good financial habits you can’t achieve financial freedom. Your indiscipline and non- commitment towards your setting financial goals affects your financial future and hinders your financial freedom. You must be disciplined enough to deal with your frivolous spending and deal with your wants and manage your needs to be committed towards your goals.


Your level of financial education or exposure to investing helps in your financial freedom. With your level of financial education, you would have acquired great knowledge about any product before buying it. you buy investment products most time to follow the crowd without in-depth knowledge or being enlightened or guided by anyone into what you are buying. When you start losing money like every other person, you quickly sell it off at loss. Your level of knowledge about what you are into determines your level of financial freedom. Even if don’t love reading, there’s audio tapes, seminars, videos to enlighten and assist in your financial education.


Your thinking pattern determines your financial freedom. How you think is how you become. If you think money is scarce and hard to get that is how it will be for you. With your level of thinking its not possible to achieve financial freedom. The thinking pattern makes it hard for you to save or invest and you live paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. You don’t read books or attend seminars or even listen to tapes. You rarely talk about anything relating to money. You do not realize that being financially aware of where you are and overhauling your thinking and changing your bad-habits helps your financial freedom.You do not realize that being financially aware of where you are and overhauling your thinking and changing your bad-habits helps your financial freedom.


When you have no plan for your money, your money will have plans for you and tell you what to do. That penny you earn today if well managed will grow big tomorrow and lead to your financial freedom or if not well-managed leads to financial woes.

You must begin to have plans and set goals and work towards achieving it by budgeting and letting your money know where to go and what to do with it and its outcome.

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  1. That’s so true. I can see all those things affecting my financial life. Thanks for the post.

  2. Procrastination definitely kills financial freedom. And mainly, it results from fear and uncertainty when it comes to money matters. Actually, financial indiscipline causes fear that results to procrastination.

  3. Kristen says:

    Ugh, I am the Queen of procrastination and I know that it is the worst when it comes to money. One of these days I’ll pull my act together.

    • Now is never too late than one of these days. One of these days could be in weeks, months or even years so now is the time to act and start working towards your financial freedom. Thanks

  4. Amber says:

    I admit, I do procrastinate. But I am pretty serious about my financials, so I’m always careful there.

  5. Sweet Southern Savings says:

    Great insight! I need to change a few to do better financially.

  6. Brittany says:

    Great list. Oh procrastination hinders a lot of things! Financial freedom is so amazing once you attain it!

  7. WE have been working hard to pay off debt, and it can be hard but so worth it. Uncertainty, fear and especially not having a budget can really hold you back though.

  8. I think planning has a lot to do with financial freedom and control.

    You make some valid points which will do us good to remember.

  9. I’m currently working towards financial freedom and can definitely see some of these things being hindering. One thing I’ve learned is never procrastinate.

  10. Princess Quinn says:

    I feel like you have written things down here for me. LOL. Seriously, I think I’m gonna have to print it out and hang it on my wall so that I will be reminded of it every now and then.

  11. Great tips for financial freedom. I agree with you on planning the budget. It’s important to work wisely on financial planning for sure.

  12. This was a great read. Thanks for this!

  13. Olga Zak says:

    Wow..great tips for financial freedom! I need to change a few to do better financially. Thanks a lot..

  14. For us, thinking about the future is of utmost importance, and so budgeting, saving, and investing is a priority. My husband and I have just started educating ourselves regarding financial investment.

  15. I realized since starting to work and saving money that having financial freedom really brings peace of mind! Budgeting has helped so much also!

  16. A lack of a budget is absolutely a killer. If you don’t track where your money is going how can you ever truly achieve financial freedom?

  17. Malvika @ Teacups and Lipsticks says:

    This is such a great post. I can see some of the points that affect me financially.
    I am going to work on those points. This was very helpful, thank you for sharing. 🙂

  18. Emily Anne says:

    I completely agree the way we think and feel about money can be hindering us more than we know. Really incredible insight, I loved this post! Lots of great things to think about. Thank you!

  19. Anosa says:

    I couldn’t agree more, i need to be well versed in my financials and find a way to be free

  20. Thanks for sharing, Rawlings.
    Some really good points.
    Do you have any books on financial education that you could recommend?


  22. N says:

    Well said. Thanks for sharing this.
    The road to financial freedom is more behavioral than financial. If one doesn’t have right temperament & attitude he/ she may not be close to financial freedom even if they have lot of money!

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