This year, you need to take control of your finance if you have not been doing that for a long time. If your finance has been in control of your life and telling you where your money ought to go. Now is the right time to make that change. Now is the time to start controlling your finance. Now is the time to reform those habits and have a change of mindset about money to turn your financial circumstance around.

Your financial habits make the great difference in your life currently and the future. Now is the time than never to act and take the bold step. If you have been reading my blog and other blogs on managing your finance and you have not been taking step because of one limitation or beliefs or other hindrances in your mind, now is the time to break the barrier and start practicing what you read.
Now is the time to start acting and stop complaining about your financial woes, how bad the economy is and terrible or bad one thing or the other is, how one situation is draining you and many more.
Now is the time know what goes in and out of your pocket and how it goes out and its destination.


Now is the time to start developing financial habits that will lead to your financial freedom. Now is the time to make an invaluable progress in your financial life. You need to set these goals and break it down into bits and go after achieving it.
These habits need to be developed because we are not born with it, we learn them by what we see and the actions we take and unlearn the terrible habits that is destroying you financially. When we develop good habits, it yields great result and create greater steps for greater height.

We also need to have it at the back of our mind that small seed sown today gives better result tomorrow. Now is the time to reconsider your financial situation and reorganize it to where it ought to be to plan your financial independence. Now is the time to break your bad and harmful financial habits to create a new one that help create a better financial future.

Less than three to five years ago, I sat to review my finance and realized I need to let go of some toxic habits I did not know how I developed them and how destructive it has been to me in all ramifications. After sitting down to review, these habits, I realized it has done more harm than good to me and I had to start dealing with this habits. I had to put my self together and be more focused and disciplined to bring about a change to have a better financial future.

For your financial well-being, now is the time to take charge and control of your finance and not your finance  controlling you.
When your finance is under your control, you secure yourself and your families future and break the barrier of debt. Your financial hardship all these years is because of bad and horrible decisions you made that left you the way you are. Now is the time to fish out those bad decision that led to bad habits that wants to destroy your financial future.
Sometimes we make mistakes but when they become habits that is when it becomes destructible and harmful.
Now is the time to break this destructive habit and reform yourself for great habits and better develop new beliefs about money.


A way or pattern of behavior that is cyclical and tends to occur subconsciously and consciously.

With subconscious pattern, you start acting consciously and you make this behavior realistic and start acting on them by taking decisions that leads to better habits and actions. These actions are either good or bad that leads to great path or terrible path leads you down the drain.

                                                 FINANCIAL HABITS

These are habits developed to help cut down excesses or transform your subconsciously thought pattern to consciously achieve financial independence or freedom.

Creating new habits are tough to form because you have been in these habits of spending extravagantly or accumulating expenses for many years and now trying to reform your mind to create a new one that will transform your life for good. You will say its not easy. That is the truth. Nothing is every easy, but you must be prepared to make a great change that will transform things for good.
You must become aware of your decisions and start making little decisions and take actions and steps that are paramount for your future. Its important you take these small decisions that shape and form your habits and life. These habits you form today will either make you rich or poor, either successful or unsuccessful, either great or small tomorrow.
What you do everyday as the years go by totally forms who you are. Its shapes and forms the person you become, what you believe, how you think and how you act. When you learn to transform your habits, you transform your life consciously and subconsciously.


We now know that habits are vital to either being successful or unsuccessful, great or small, poor or rich. We know that these small decisions and actions we make daily forms who we are. Its forms our future and destiny. Its all in your hands to make a choice today to either remain where you are or move forward to turns things around for good. The time has come, and the time is now to take actions. Actions can either make or break you depending on the habits you form, your mental attitude and behavior.
How you act and react to situation and circumstances is because of your habit. How you manage your expenses that led to bad debt is all about your mindset and habits.
These habits are either inherited from our parents, friends and family and the one we learn in our environment which have been harmful to you. Most of the times, you spend more time with these people, you think and reason like them and share the same habit in common, words and actions too and have a negative impact on all areas of your life.
You have now come to the reality of it all, take steps to review yourself and habits too.



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31 Responses to FINANCIAL HABITS

  1. Love this! So important. Becoming more financially stable is one of my biggest goals for this year

  2. This is something I’ve been working on from January. It’s the unexpected expenses that destroy my budget – I forget to make some room for emergencies!

  3. Karina says:

    I agree that it’s so important to work on our financial habits. I’ve started to make small changes in the beginning of this year and it’s incredibke how much money you can save with some small adjustments!

  4. Salona says:

    Hi. This is a really interesting article. As many people are in debt, because of bad habits , yet they arent even aware of this. I like your explanation of habit. Awareness is good.

  5. I am guilty of not having a good financial habit. Especially when my daughter wants something, I can’t help but buy it for her. This article gave me a wake-up call to start the habit now. Thanks!

  6. The Frugal Bear says:

    Being in control of my finances was something I had always struggles with until this past year. All those little toxic habits really added up. Thanks for the great article

    • Toxic little habits are dangerous because they eat deep into you but you never take note of it till you are in huge debt. Being aware of your financial status is important.Thanks

  7. Casey says:

    People often don’t realize how much their choices can impact their life, future and financial health. Thanks for the inspiration to stay on top of my finances this year!

  8. Vox says:

    This is my year to figure out how to take better care of our finances I am quitting my job to run our businesses full time and don’t want to be as frivolous with money as I have been all these years. Thanks for helping me see ways to do better.

  9. talinanderson says:

    We are working on paying off our school loans! Once that’s gone, we’ll be set!

  10. We are trying to get better in this department! All out debts are suffocating us and we need to get out! Great post!

  11. Annie says:

    Love this post! Habits are so key to financial stability

  12. Bongani Mdletshe says:

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  14. Elliot says:

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