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Developing a habit of saving is the road to financial freedom and that’s undeniable. Saving helps you live below your means, free you from paycheck to paycheck lifestyle and also grow in confidence. Saving is a path to achieving a lot of goals and even start your side hustle. Saving ought to add to a good amount of money you use for investing. You can’t make more money by saving alone. When you live below your means even unexpected expenses surfaces affecting you financially most times but when you create another source of income the impact won’t be that much.
When you save without putting the money into an investment to make it work for you, the saving will not yield return and it leads to an average life. The way out of average life is to increase your source of income. To be financially free, you can’t depend on saving alone but have multiple source of income. To make more money, you put it to action which leads to a life of financial freedom. When you transform your saving to investments, your money makes sense and you grow rich and you will worry less financially and think of how to think of more source of income.
Think of saving as setting money aside and preserving your money in a secured place where you can get it to achieve your short-term goal; the one you achieve in less than four years. The money you save earn low interest and rates on money saved is low but the fact is that your money is secured and you won’t have to worry about any market fluctuations or even emotions like fear of losing your money grip you.


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A long-term financial goal requires more money, you invest with the desire that over time the money you set aside will grow by making more money for you and reinvesting the interest paid to make more money for you.
Saving and investing work together with risk: the more you want your money to grow, the more risk you will have to take. And because investing tends to be a long-term process, some investments makes it a little hard to speedily withdraw the money you’ve put into them. The fact is that your returns will be higher compare to just saving alone.
The saver’s money in a bank has an interest 1% or little more and if attacked by inflation, with time your money loses its value. And if left longer time, your money loses its value by the forces of inflation. Why would you settle for an investment paying less than 1%when a very similar investment is paying more than 7% and above? Why not take that bold step and go for the one with a higher investment that makes you worry less about money?
Why not take the risk that will liberate you from the rat-race and become financially empowered? Why not take time to think of the value of money saved in the bank? What impact does it have living the money there for too long and inflation keeps eating deep into in it? Do you know #100,000 saved in the bank is not the same in 5-10years time? Because it’s either an ASSET or a LIABILITY. It’s an ASSET when put to work but a LIABILITY when left to stagnate in your account doing nothing.
When you invest, you use your money to buy an asset that will generate a certain return as time goes by and when you sell your asset at a higher price, you make more money for yourself.


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Take a note and list all your expenses for the month and take a look at what you need to potentially cut back on or remove completely. This makes you understand how much money you have to plan with every month. It makes you know where you are really spending money on and to cut the excesses. Budgeting makes you think twice before spending, and it helps you to plan ahead. With the monthly budgeting, it helps in self-control most times and reminds you that you can’t go beyond your budget in certain things you need to buy or hope to spend money on.
Before buying anything review the best deals at an affordable price before buying any product or things you need. You can visit more than four to five stores to look for the best deals for that particular product or things you need to buy and in doing so, one of the stores will sell at a better price that suites you and help you save more money.
Going cashless will allow you to control your spending, it empowers you to handle your budget well. Payment cards through banks such as  MasterCard, verve and other allows you to carry out banking transactions safely without the need to carry cash around.
Think of ways to better your future financially and grow your earnings. develop your work and financial skills. You can make your future better and create plans to achieve your set goals and how you can use money to achieve most of these goals. Think of ways to make you money make more money for you while your mind is at rest and you stress less about monetary issues. Think of your side hustle, real estates, investments and a few others that puts more money in your pocket.

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Don’t get caught up in debt, look for ways to settle your bad debt on time. Look for ways to increase the amount of money you save every month until your debts are settled and grow your savings by increasing the percentage, maybe from 10% to 20% monthly or even more if you want to be a little hard on yourself to achieve your financial or future plans.
The first areas of your financial life should be paying attention to your retirement savings. But most people still aren’t saving enough or putting plans in place for their retirement. Through your employers, you can create retirements plan or work with a financial institution to set- up one which you put a certain percentage into monthly

Once you start pay yourself by saving certain percentage, you grow in confidence and have a level of financial safety than before. When you start paying yourself, you experience a change in the way you think about your salary and money and even look for ways to grow your savings and make more money. It’s about making yourself feel you can spend less and pay yourself more. With time, you adapt to this new habit and get used to this new pattern and breaking away from an inherited old that makes you worry most times financially.




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SAVING is the percentage of your income or money you set aside for future purpose in place of squandering it.

Saving has a vital role to play if you want to be financially secure but people find it hard to set money aside monthly. You can be a good saver by reducing your expenses and setting a plan in place to save for the future.

PAYING YOURSELF FIRST is a way to save money and it’s still the best way to save money. Setting a certain percentage of your earning aside which can be between 10-30 percent or even more depending on how you control your expenses. you’re saving for yourself and your future goals before spending the rest on expenses. Doing this seems tough but it’s easy when you put your mind to it. Only when your mind is focused on a particular goal and you take the necessary action that’s when you can achieve it. Anybody can pay his or herself a certain percentage of a his or her earning if the person is unyielding and ready to leave the rat race. When you pay yourself by saving a certain percentage which grows over time, it gives you a level of confidence that you have something to fall back on and you are taking a step of stepping out of the constraint   of paycheck to paycheck.

The only way to grow your wealth is to make saving and spending less your habit and that’s one of the key points that distinguish between the poor and the rich.  When you save, what’s the aim of your saving and paying yourself for? Is to buy assets or liability? Is it to plan for project, invest? Is it to plan for retirement? “Are you planning   on saving for Impulsive buying that don’t add value to you? Your saving is what you do to achieve certain goals in your life and if it’s not achieving the sets goals it’s no more saving but sowing and not reaping. It’s like planting a seed that dies with time because it’s not been watered. When its watered it achieve its aim by growing.

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When you live a life style of debt you are living from paycheck to paycheck with no documentation of where your money goes. When your money is not well managed its fades away or either develop wings and vanishes to who knows how to manage it and you have yourself to answer for it as time passes.

It can be very tempting to purchase something impulsively you want today rather than saving up for it and paying cash for it later. Delaying an impulse buying also helps you decide whether it is something you really need, or a waste of money. Denying yourself of those things to plan, live an organized and financially free life pays a lot later in the future.

Money used to purchase to any asset where there is an element of great investment will make you happy and fulfilled with time. Most times, the investment can be risky or even cause losses but when it bounces back most times the return on investment is huge and it pays off. Shift your thinking from living paycheck to paycheck to start saving and planning your finance to achieve financial freedom and plan with the saving to make it an ASSET and thank yourself later for a life of financial fulfillment and freedom.



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Too many people squander their time by watching too much TV, mostly programmes that adds no value. These people get addicted and spend their valuable time watching these programmes. Just little programmes on TV teaches us on to grow in every area of our lives.

People spend larger time on the internet doing things that don’t add value to them and squandering their valuable time. It’s not bad to be on the internet but be moderate and be more focused on things that adds value to you.

Reading constantly add great value. It energizes your mind, improves your use of language, increases your general knowledge, allows you to connect like minds. It makes you a problem- solver and it makes you think fast and smartly. Almost all the great leaders spend time reading.
Read books, articles, magazine, newsletter, read blogs, follow the recent news or anything related to the talent or skill you are working on. Stay updated of the latest trends or advancements in what will help your growth in every area of your life.
Reading more books gives you access to knowledge you know nothing about. It gives you access to grow your skills and expose you to that know-how you need about the side hustle you are about to go into. It exposes you to the pros and cons and how to go about it. Stop reading trash and start reading what add values to you, it helps you grow in every department of your life and transform you to a better person for yourself and society.



Where you are currently, is a function of the company you keep and where you will also be tomorrow. If you want to be successful, productive and efficient to a level, the company you keep has a part to play. make friends with people who possess the attributes that leads you to your desired destination. Conversely, if you currently have friends who do not conform to your goals, politely get rid of them, or, at the very least, greatly reduce the amount of time you spend with them. It’s time you keep the right company that helps you grow in most areas of your life and support your goals. Networking with the right set of people can influence your promotion at work, get a new job, support and give you ideas for your side hustle.

Your improvement is built on the right friends you keep and they influence your choice and decision making most times.

Spending and keeping company with them helps you a lot in most part of your life and help you achieve your desired goal earlier than planned.



Planning helps determines how you will get things done and get there. Without planning, it is nearly impossible to achieve your goals because you will squander valuable time and resources. All efficient and productive people plan, so invest in yourself by planning your days ahead.



You should always be learning a new skill. That is what successful people do constantly. They are where they are because they improve. If you don’t improve yourself, you might become stagnant and be left behind in a fast-moving world that is changing. Investing in your knowledge and skills can takes many shape, it’s not limited to your career, business alone but other areas of your life too. You could register for online classes or courses, attend seminars and conferences by expert, watch TED talks, etc.



When you have good health, you know you can go out and achieve anything. You are unstoppable but with poor and terrible health, every day seems like the last day. When you are healthy, you are efficient, sound mentally and productive. Investing in your health having good meals, strolling for distance or signing up for a gym makes you efficient. When you invest in your health, you’ll surely reap the result.


Control your spending and improve on your saving now!  As long as you are in debt, your money controls you in all manners. Clearing off your debt is your first step in controlling your finances so they can’t control you. Then you’ll become less stressed, sleep better and worry less.

And don’t forget that paying yourself first and living below your means can fund your future project and achieve your goals! Saving enough money to pay cash for what you want and will gives you the opportunity to quit a job, retire early, start the side hustle you love or have the financial freedom you desire.

Having extra cash for emergency purpose helps you plan to weather the storm in tough times. With planning and self-control your dreams can achieve the impossible.


Meditate or doing something attached to your religion helps you in term of self-control. Creating days for personal fast and prayers to commune with your creator help you to grow and impacts achieving your goals too. It helps in discipline your attitude, actions and perception. Things first manifest in the spirit realm before becoming a reality in the physical. You have to do the basics or your body and mind will break down.


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Taking steps to make swift changes and investing in yourself in positive ways creates a brighter and healthy future for yourself. Why is investing in yourself so important? You spend the most time with yourself than anyone else. Investing in yourself mentally, spiritually, financially and emotionally gives you a better return on investment on your personality. Investing in yourself is not only about acquiring new knowledge but also pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.
Investing in yourself may be the greatest investment you ever make. It yields not only future returns, but often an instant result too. The surest way to achieve a better-quality life, to be successful, productive, and satisfied is to place a priority on investing in personal, emotional, financial, mental growth. Your effort to continually investing in yourself plays a great role in determining the quality of your life and future.
Investing in yourself is not only the monetary aspect but every area of your life that needs growth and development. You need to know when to SPEND, SAVE and INVEST.











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below your means

People are trapped in jobs they don’t like because they depend fully on the level of income, if you can live on less than you earn, you can plan ahead and think of what to dabble into.
A lot of people are in debt because they don’t save money. But if you live below your means, you will always be putting money into savings, because that’s what you should do with money that you don’t spend. A good saver can achieve set goals for himself and won’t have to being in debt to achieve the goal to a large extent.
As you live below your means, you will have enough money to enter into your side hustle. This will give you the time to plan and organize yourself and know what it cost to enter into your side business.
When you avoid the mall, there are chances that you will avoid IMPULSE BUYING; buying things you don’t need, they trap you by drawing your attention. Even if you don’t buy at that point in time your mind has captured it and you will be back in a very short time to buy it even if you have to be in debt to buy it.
Buy all you need in cash than your ATM card because you incur more charges and the ATM card don’t really look like money and you use it for most of your transaction.
You can always get the best deal before buying anything if you price that particular product in 4-5 places you will get a better price and cut down your cost.
You will have enough to invest into long term investments that pay-off and yield more income like bond, stocks, mutual funds and so forth.
If you take the time and patience to set yourself up properly when things take a turn for the worse, you will be prepared to handle it. If you live above your means and when the slightest financial woes occur, you might likely be in debt.
Comparing yourself to others makes you want to acquire things you don’t need and incur debt.
To stay within your budget, look around for other sources of entertainment. Instead of buying books most times, borrow them from the library or download from internet. Instead of going out to the movies most times, rent a movie or download from the internet Instead of buying an album, download from the internet.
living below your means is the road to financial freedom whatever your income level may be, you will worry less and sleep well at night. you will be a little efficient at work. Anyone who lived from paycheck to paycheck to a life of financial freedom will tell you what he/she sailed through to financial freedom.










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Live below your means is to cut your expenses and expand your income.  Living below your means is spending less than you earn, saving some of your income and having no debt that lets you financially secured.

When you live below your means it gives you the chance to expand your means by having enough funds to achieve your goals, you will live a comfortable life and not an extravagant lifestyle. Do not spend to show-off and stop thinking wealth is measured in material possession. Manage your money wisely so your money does not control you.

Living below your means helps you develop the ability to save money. Savings provide you with a cash reserve that enables you to resolve financial issue in hard times, and to do so without worry.  It’s definitely a case of delayed gratification where you use the savings to buy investments or start a side hustle. Now you might be thinking I work hard for the money I earn; don’t I deserve to spend it? You deserve to but many of us take it to an extreme by spending beyond their salary and incurring debt.

When you have more money in your savings with little or no debt, you’ll worry less and sleep better at night. You’ll probably even work more efficiently at your job, because you won’t worry about paying your bills.


  1. Know how much you make.
  2. Spend less money than you bring in.
  3. Boost your income.
  4. Save up for what you want to buy than collect it on credit.
  5. Have an emergency fund.
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Get a job or work on your skill to get paid for it. Earn it, work for it and you will know it’s value. No matter how small the pay is, start somewhere. Pay yourself first on what you earn before paying others-your children school fees, car rent, utilities, and others. Once you pay yourself last, you live from paycheck to paycheck and keep repeating the same cycle. It might be 10-20% of your salary, it adds value to you and helps you manage money well. Focus on it and be consistent and deliberate.
In earning it, you plan saving it. Save that percentage of your salary, pay it into a different account and always automate it and watch it grow as months pass by. As you earn more in salary, you increase your savings and you create more wealth. In earning more, the saving ability must be there to help increase your wealth and makes you grow in confidence.
The reason we don’t think of earning big or increase our savings is because we are in one situation or the other that conditioned us to earn less because of factors involved like parental, emotional and others.
When you earn more, you work smart and not hard and will not be stressed out financially all the time.
When you earn more, you empower your intelligence and imagination to figure out way to grow your earnings and become better by making yourself valuable and increase your level of financial discipline.
Acquire skills and develop yourself and it will boost your earnings with time. When you grow and improve on your skills with time, you can negotiate for pay rise or change job which enable you to plan and move faster if you have set goals.

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1)Focus on earning

Get a job or work on your skills to get paid for it

2)develop multiple stream of income 

Start a side business you that you are passionate about and you can grow it with time 

3)save to invest, not save to save 

Save 10- 20% of your income and move it into an investment like mutual funds and others.  You can automate from your salary account direct

4)live below ur means

Know the difference between NEEDS and WANT. Know when to avoid emotional spending

5)change ur mindset about money 

Change your ideology about money like does money grow on trees, money is the root of all evil and others.

6)invest in yourself

Attend seminars, conference, listen to audio tapes and videos that can help you grow and also courses that can help your career growth.

7)set goals and visualize achieving them

Set achievable goals. That’s not too complex or either complicated but achievable 


With a guardian, you get to your destination in a short time and propel for greater goals than doing  it alone.

9)think big

Think big because nothing is impossible 

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