Poor is a thing of the mind. Its just a mindset, a thinking pattern that has left you the way you are and it all boils down to choices you have control over or whatever controls you.
You can start life being poor and struggling financially does not mean you are destined to remain poor or be poor. Things can change and for things to change its all about your decision and these decisions either leave you where you are or change things for you. Because of your pattern of thinking great opportunities have passed you without you being aware and it also affects your level of knowledge.
Knowing that everyday you sleep and wake, you have the same opportunity as the rich people, it’s what you do with it that really matters. Everyday or somehow, someway you have heard of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, real estate and many more and these assets mean nothing to you because of knowledge, fear, risk, doubt and many more. Because of your state of mind, you always believe there is no money and its never enough to go around.
Why are you the way you are? Why do you think in this pattern? Is it that you are unlucky? Not working hard enough and many more. Most times you wonder where these thoughts come from and how long it’s been flowing through your mind. The money decisions you have made too. Because of these decisions, you spend all, living your life in debt, make bad investment without knowledge about what you are going into, give away unnecessarily.



-Work harder for money
-They believe luck makes you rich.
-People think money is root of all evil
-Poor people think you need money to make money
-Think their problem is beyond their resources.
-Poor people focus on risk and fear.
-Poor believe you must go to school to excel in life
-The poor see money through emotion
-They have no goal or low expectation
-They live beyond their means
-Money cannot make you happy.
-They get stressed out with the thought of money
-Poor financial decision making
-poor people believe you need money to make money


The poor always think you need to work hard to show how worthy or deserving you are and your value. You work hard for it because you also believe that is the way to become rich. You work hard and harder, get salary increase and work harder for more increase not knowing expenses increase because of your level of thinking. You work hard for safe and secure job but in the corner of your heart fear lurks in your heart. Because you don’t invest a portion of the money you worked for, you work all the days of your life, creating a thinking pattern you pass to your next generation.


You believe in luck, that is the only way wealth can come to you through fate. Believing that accidentally you get lucky to become rich. You play lottery, bet, gambling hoping to make money and become rich. Whenever you see wealthy people, you think of all the luck they had which you never had and how you have tried a lot of things that did not work and feel you are unlucky.


You think of all the terrible things going on the world now and you say money is the root of it all. When you are alone you think of everything as vanity and money ought to be spend and not saved. As the money comes in, it all goes out. At the end of your thought, money is always the root of all problems.


You focus more on fear and the risk involved and you think of the mistakes you have made in one time in your life and the losses you had, fear preoccupies your mind and you won’t think of taking any risk because you think of the losses thereof. Even if you see opportunity, the fear and risk take toll on you, it gives you reason not to act. Fear preoccupies you because you have the minimum knowledge and skills required.


You believe to excel in life, you need to go school to get a good job and get good salary and climb up the chain in your company. You believe without formal education, you cannot excel or become rich in life. These patterns hinder your thinking of becoming rich.


You buy things through the eyes of emotion. You get caught in adverts in billboard, radio jingles and many more advertising, you get caught in frivolous buying, you can’t control your emotion, and this leaves you in financial scarcity believing money is hard to get and you live from paycheck to paycheck.


You have no goal and your expectation is always low or none. You never look past your surrounding and envision for greater goals. Because of your environment, your thoughts and actions are limited. You need to get beyond your expectation and break this pattern and set achievable goals.


You live above your means because of your extravagant lifestyle that catches your attention or expenses puts you in tight corner. Because you live above your means you find yourself in debt, struggling because of your frivolous style or financial woes.


You believe money cannot make you happy and can’t give you the necessities or luxury to make life comfortable for you. You believe it help you acquire things that makes you happy and feel how beautiful life is.


You always believe you will continue to manage and stress yourself financially, anytime the thought of money crosses your mind you are entirely stressed because of the expenses, debt and other bills to pay ahead.


You always think your problem is beyond you because you feel you lack the skills and capacity to manage it. Because of your level of capacity, you always try to avoid it and it makes you feel the problem can’t be solved or it’s bigger than you and you are not solution oriented.


Your decision making affects your finance because of your thinking pattern and those you relate with. When you make the right decision, it influence your finance positively to plan, budget towards your financial goals.


You believe that you can’t make money without money because you are wired to think so. You don’t believe in even your ideas or confident about yourself but only believe that you can only make money through money.



There are many more to the way the poor think but with the ones I interacted with these are a few I could take note of. These are the thinking pattern that left them the way they are. If only there could be a shift in thinking pattern they will become financially free.


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64 Responses to 13 WAYS THE POOR THINK

  1. John Mulindi says:

    Good post that can help one change his or her mindset about money.

  2. CherishingFLo says:

    This post is deep. A lot of mindsets are affected this way!

  3. I am a big believer in having the right mindset to achieve success. If you yourself do not believe,how do you expect to achieve it? Envision it,believe it, believe in yourself, work hard, be good to people and it will happen.

  4. Tara says:

    I can definitely see your point. If you have a poor mindset, you will always stay stuck in the 9-5. Excuses and blaming don’t get you anywhere. Definitely no risk, no reward. But with high risk – there is high risk! and potential for reward. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Fullonstudy says:

    It’s really an amazing article. Everything can relate these points with their life. I agree with you, no one is actually poor, the only this that is.. is their mindset. Thanks for this great article!

  6. Couldn’t agree more that it’s about mindset & if you don’t change that, other changes won’t happen.

  7. Heather says:

    I’ve been in both places. I think it makes you that much better if you understand how both sides are feeling and it makes you work just a bit harder.

  8. nabanita says:

    Hmm not sure. Some are poor and have lack of opportunities so even if they want to and toil hard it might not work. I guess it depends on the circumstances you are born into a lot.

    • They lack opportunities because its in form of an obstacle so its a huge task for them. It might not work because the mind is positioned and conditioned to see it as an impossible task. Thanks

  9. Olga Zak says:

    Really excellent article. It is really helpful to having the right mindset to achieve success. Thanks for sharing this nice article.

  10. Rachel says:

    This is such an interesting post and has made me think about money and how I see different levels of earning etc. I’m lucky as I wouldn’t consider myself poor but would like to think those that feel they have some hope of getting out of their situations. I like to believe there is always hope.

  11. ninalehan21 says:

    you have addressed many deep and insightful facts. it is very interesting especially when you have a different perspective

  12. This is a very interesting way to look at “poor” and “rich”. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s always good to hear a different perspective.

  13. Batiste Ladonna says:

    This post seems to be a good way to help people change their mindset. You need the right mindset to success. Thanks for sharing.

  14. These are very true, growing up I always saw my mom struggle for money. So as an adult I am a big saver and afraid to overspend. Due to this fear of not wanting to spend a lot of money I know we have missed out of several vacations. This blog was an eye-opener for me.

    • Good to know of this experience that changed your mind about finance. Fear have really hindered lots of people from taking that risk and achieving their dreams. I hope it really opens you up about some beliefs that have held you back. Thanks

  15. Changing your mindset about anything is important. If you ever need a re-set (sometimes I do), check out the You Tube videos from Esther Hicks. She is amazing!

  16. Damn…I’m not poor nor rich, but I do tend to have like half of those mindsets. I really have to change the way I think. I got more conscious of how money influences me from when I wanted to start my own craft business but got so scared that I just gave up, or better said taking it very very slow. Thanks for this. It does make me think

  17. Kiwi says:

    You made a lot of valid points on how people with poor thoughts think about money. Ones thoughts will keep them poor and always feeling like they never have enough.

  18. I think most Filipinos are like that, which is why there’s still a higher percentage of poor people here in our country. For one thing, in order to succeed (as what my dad has taught me), you gotta take risks and you need to let your money work for you.

  19. lifewithzg says:

    I totally agree to the part where decision affects your finances. You really need to be wise and creative when handling money

  20. tita05081415 says:

    i agree with most of what you have to say. mind over matter has a huge roll in all that we do. however…. You do need to work hard. no one will hand you anything. I need to work hard for my money. However you also need to work smart. Do not work at a job you know is not long term and you know will amount to nothing. flipping burgers will almost never amount to anything. I work for a dry cleaning company. I do work long and I do work hard, however I really commit to my job. I actually am proud of my job, and I have amazing bosses behind me every step of the way. however…. I also save my money, my husband and I both have a savings and a 401k. we make an honest living and we are smart about our money.

  21. Anosa says:

    This was very interesting. So important for them to realise these so they can learn to change their mindset.

  22. What a nice post! I really switched up the mundane ways I thought about money and the poor. Thanks for sharing.

  23. toastycritic says:

    I do think this is a very interesting post. I do not agree with every portion of it, but there are a few truths I definitely agree with. Fear is a motivating factor for them. And they do tend to believe what other people tell that, which is schooling means success in life.

  24. So incredibly true! Breaking through that poor mentality is so important to reach freedom and any type of success (it actually can transfer into other areas of our lives too!)

  25. Joanna says:

    There are parts of this post that I don’t agree with and that sort of contradict each other, such as working hard and being lucky. If you don’t work hard but you are reach, then it means you are lucky or was born in a privileged family.

  26. Im all about positive thinking about everything. Money is such an idolic thing I hate that its so focused on in teh world !

  27. I like your thoughts. However, I respectfully disagree. Or maybe not. Money is not the root of all evil. Money is a tool. It like credit can be used wisely or foolishly. I grew up poor but have always had a head for money. As far as risk: Life is a risk. Anything you do has a risk. The idea is to not be foolish with your money. But if you diversify and have savings, money market, and some stocks it is going to be risky. CD’s used to get good interest not anymore. Sorry. just my two cents. Love your thoughts and ideas on teaching a much needed concept of saving.

    • There are poor people who believe money is the root of all evil because of all the strange events taking place and they believe money is the cause of it all. Once money is used as a tool for financial freedom and greater good, it shows your level of wisdom with it.
      You also talk about risk, the risk we all take is not the same. The risk they take is more than saving and investing alone but also leveraging to create wealth which the poor lack the level of knowledge and capacity to do.Thanks

  28. Hhhmmmmm….this is interesting, Rawlings!

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