Most people get jobs or start side hustle to earn money, so they can pay and acquire the things they need. Unless you have an unlimited amount of money, very little people do, you must know your needs so that you can spend your money wisely. Even though we need food and water to survive, we don’t need coke or Pepsi because these things are wants.
These things we truly can’t be without. Some needs don’t cost any money at all – we all need air, but you don’t need to pay for it. Needs are limited because it has a time frame. It also varies between people in different socio- economic system. It is a matter of interest and how you manage it. when your needs are met, in the same process, you start developing other needs, meaning to a level you make and remake your own nature by your desire and hunger for a thing.
When you develop awareness for things, your needs arise, you work to satisfy those needs.
To achieve financial freedom, you must know your needs and know how to budget for them and know how to manage them so as not exceed your spending limit.


                                                             WHAT ARE NEEDS?


A need is something that a person must have to thrive. Without it, that person will suffer either physically or mentally. Need is something needed to survive. Needs are things we must have to survive. Needs makes us act for satisfaction. It is necessary for a healthy living and comfortable life. Needs include: clothing (basic, like t-shirts and socks), health care, savings (for an emergency fund and retirement), security, safe environment and many more.


Our needs move from the smallest to the biggest once it is satisfied. When you satisfy the lower needs, your needs grow higher with time.
These are the 5 types of needs:
1) Physiological needs
2) Safety needs
3) Esteem needs
4) Self- actualization needs
5) Social needs


These are needs essential for your survival, your existence will be in danger or extinction if these needs are not met. These needs keep you in good shape and being physiological sound.
Its totally not possible to live shelter, clothing, air, sleep and others. With somewhere to lay your head, you can think, meditate and reason well and feel comfortable.


These are needs for your security against infections, deadly diseases and worry less about everything. This can come also in form of job security, retirement plan, insurance plan, planning for financial security.


These are needs to be accepted and valued by others. You want to be accepted and recognized for who you are. These need for esteem leads to being reknown, honesty and many more which is the lower- esteem needs while the higher-esteem needs are a respect for yourself leading to independence, self-confidence and freedom which leads to a level of growth.


These are needs for actualization, development, growth and desire to take responsibility and become better. Not everyone is interested in these needs just very little percentage who are totally focused and determined to achieve certain goals in life. As you grow and develop yourself, these needs change.


These are needs to love and be loved by everyone around you. The need to be loved and cared for which is more important than the psychological and security needs. It’s a need for a sense of belonging and affection. Friends, families, and relationship is of utmost important to meet these needs.


Now you know the type of needs and its impact on you. How psychological needs helps you to be sound in thinking, meditation and decision making. How your psychological needs can affect your finance if well- managed and controlled. With psychological needs, you work towards your safety needs to project and plan for your financial future by saving and investing and budgeting to meet your needs.
You want to have a level of self-esteem and acceptance among people. You want to belong to certain class that have the same mindset as you and get you connected to people of the same network.
Working with people of the same mindset is because of self-development and actualizing your goals through investing in yourself to develop yourself and grow your finance and get better every single day.
Finally, social needs to be in the midst of friends and families to be loved and cared for, you need people to talk to about your financial life or any other area of your life to know where you are and how far you have and how to help you improve and give you ideas and advice to make the best decisions from.



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23 Responses to 5 TYPES OF NEEDS

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  2. Mindful Magnificence says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve always found Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs really fascinating and useful!

  3. Understanding your hierarchy of needs is so helpful. Makes it easier to prioritize and provide for yourself <3. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love Maslow’s Hierarchy. I’m even using it in my novel. Thanks for the insight!

  5. We certainly all share these types of needs. For me, the need I need most in my life is feeling secure. As though I have everything taken care of, or handled. This is why I do NOT procrastinate – EVER!

  6. Milk and Hugs says:

    I think knowing and understanding what NEEDS really are is vital. Needs and wants are different, yet we all too often treat them as interchangeable. You NEED shelter, you WANT a TV.

  7. So important to realize this! We need to be talking openly about each of our needs more!

  8. Gillie says:

    So interesting how these divide up and how powerful they all are. The one we often recognize least is in the area of self-esteem.

  9. Kimberly Walton says:

    I like that in safety you included survival area like jobs. I think that have a high need for this need also have a high need for a sense of certainty.

  10. o-li-vi-a says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  11. Tiffany says:

    These are really great tips. Your advice is on point. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of Phlanx.com and connect with amazing brands!


  12. Tara says:

    This is quite an accurate list of needs. If you don’t have your physiological and safety needs met, it is much more difficult to focus on the other 3. Thank you for sharing.

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