When an act is reiterated more than two to three times following the same pattern, a clear nervous connection is formed, this leads to a total shifting of thoughts and mindset. When the process repeats itself continuously, it becomes an HABIT which is because of what you see, hear and act upon.
When these habits are retained because of continuous action it firmly becomes part of you in all ramification. These habits can be psychological in terms of decision making, thinking and others while muscular in terms of sitting, walking standing and others and another is character which is in terms of feelings, emotions and others.
To form a good habit, you must be determined to take a decision to know the habits you exhibit, start afresh to get rid of all unnecessary excesses and you will need to be determined and be ready to persevere to offload the old habits for the new one. The change in habits might not come fast but you must be determined to act and develop these new habits and work on them every day and keep practicing and be consistent. Your environment and who you relate and hang out with matters a lot in building these new habits.
You must develop the willpower to resist the habit or else you will see yourself in the same habits the following day. You need to know the routine of these habits and break it into a new one entirely.
Think of a plan that will help you work on your new habits daily, monthly, quarterly and so forth to help you achieve your desired goals. In this, we start making vital choice that impacts our decisions



There is nothing comparable to knowledge. What you know today and put into action yield great result. You must a voracious reader to read books and acquire knowledge. Reading books open a new world to you and new ideology if acted upon change your world forever. When you read books and acquire knowledge consistently it accumulates with time accelerate your success and help achieve financial success. Knowledge acquired in books can also help improve and grow your financial skills.
Reading financial books transformed my life and finance. I read a lot of books on personal finance and it turned my finance around when I started acting on it by saving, investing and projecting for my financial future.
You need to invest in yourself by reading the right books that helps your personal development. Why some people remain average or below average or poor is because of the level of knowledge they are exposed to. Where you are today is the function of knowledge you are exposed to.
Reading the right books exposes you to the greatest gift in life. With books, you will be exposed to wealth creation and lead you to financial freedom as you act towards what you read. You must start reading the right books today that help grows your skills and help you earn more and lead to become financially free.


Now is the time to know everything about your finance and be mentally aware of your financial status. Now is the time to think and meditate on it and know why you acquire more expenses than before.


When you spend more time watching television or likely 80% of your time, you realize that you watch more junks that feeds you with what endangers you than what helps your growth and exposes you to financial hazard that makes you see flamboyant lifestyle and unrealistic things that later hurt your finance. Now is the time to make adjustment to watch things that help you manage your life, finance and your spiritual growth.
What you watch and act on is what you become tomorrow. Be careful of what you feed your eyes with and know the consequences if it’s either good or bad.
When you create time watching programmes that adds value to your life and spend more time acting on them it yields result. If you need a guardian or counselor to give you the direction you need, act on it than spend more time doing harm to your mental health.
Stop watching junks, these junks on Television has led some people to theft, suicide and deadly act all in the sake of wanting the lifestyle they see on television. Make it your choice today to add financial, mental, spiritual and psychological value to yourself by what you watch. By watching less and acting more boldly to help change your life and future tomorrow.


You need to start saving before spending, you need to save to prepare and plan to become financially independence and be able to plan for future. When you spend before saving, there is possibility that you might have nothing left in your account because you plan for expenses and debt first before planning for yourself and your future which lives you in dire financial situation.
If anything makes you spend more than saving and planning for the future now is the time to correct it and start making it right. Its never to late to start saving.
The internet and mobile world have made it easy to save money in a lazy way by automating it into another of your account you don’t make use off. If you do this continuously you get use to it and it becomes a habit and a part of you.
When you automate by saving first, you will know how to manage your expenses and budget for your finance
Doing this makes you plan for not only your future but that of your family.



Being around the right set of people help you create the right habits that leads to your financial freedom. These set of people will help you through getting new job, connecting you to people who can expose you to business deals and help your growth. Being around the right people is contagious and help create the right financial mindset. The people you walk and hang around with impact all area of your lives. We become the people we interact and mingle with. If things are not going smoothly with you, you need to check your network and the impact they have on you.
Now is the time to surround yourselves with the right people that can help your growth


You need to get financial education. Become fully educated about managing your finance, budgeting your money and investing your money. You need to know the types of education. Know about asset and liability. What goes in and out your pocket and how to plan for the rainy days and the tough times.
You need to get more enlightened about stocks, bond, mutual funds and real estate and how these assets help creates cash flow to make you rich and financially free.
You need to know now that times have change and it takes more than one source of income to take care of the family needs and meet up to the standard of inflation and live comfortably well.



Knowing how habits is formed makes you know why you are where you and why you act the way you do and how to change this habit. In my last post, I blogged on habits to get rid of and now is the time to develop the right financial mindset to help your financial future.
Procrastination can destroy your financial freedom, never wait till tomorrow, now is the time to take the right step to turn things around and stop living from paycheck to paycheck and make your financial future safe.



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  1. CherishingFLo says:

    I love these tips!

  2. I have used this blog as a teaching tool for a Homeschool High School co-op! Awesome stuff

  3. vballangel5 says:

    You gave me a lot to think about. Good writing style and examples

  4. I recently drastically lowered my tv habits and have focused more on reading. I think financial education is essential, especially for people to learn about investing, retirement savings, and savings bonds. There’s always room to expand your financial knowledge.

  5. Amber says:

    I love these! I always watch my spending. You just never know if an emergency will pop up. I always try to save as well!

  6. joancajic says:

    Great tips, saving before spending does hold you accountable when some goes missing or if you don’t reach the threshold you wanted also spending time with like minded people does help you stay focused.

  7. Sarah Bailey says:

    These are some great sounding tips, I have to admit I’ve not thought of many of them when it comes to their relationships and financial habits.

  8. Nik says:

    watch tv less and reading books is really good tips that I need to follow 🙂

  9. Useful information, for sure. One of the things I don’t do is track my expenses. I just try to save something out of every paycheck but honestly should probably focus on where exactly I’m spending my money!

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  11. Daisi says:

    I have learnt how to watch my spending the past few years. So important. Thanks for these tips/

  12. Monice says:

    I love these ideas and I try to implement them in my every day life as much as I can! I’m realizing now that it’s so important to stay on top of things and to not be complacent.

  13. wanderwithola says:

    Yes, more books, less TV! I agree that tracking the spending is very important. Gotta be more discipline on this one.

  14. Brittany says:

    It’s always important to have good financial knowledge. Making smart decisions with finances is key! Great post

  15. I don’t watch TV so at least I am good with this one! I read a lot of books, which is quite the investment if you think about it ahah but i agree that having good financial knowledge helps!

  16. I for sure save before I spend, watch less tv, and surround myself with like-minded people. I think those have been major keys to my savings.

  17. chefmireille says:

    these are some really good tips

  18. Financial discipline is necessary for all human beings to balance their life’s and leading happy life. Your tips helpful to readers.

  19. abzfab says:

    This is so true. Love that it’s written down

  20. Rebecca Lake says:

    Tracking your spending is huge! I wrote a whole post about it. Unless you know where your money is going, it’s so hard to create a budget that works and save!

  21. Brooke says:

    Great advice! I love the idea of more books, and less tv.

  22. simplywendi says:

    Great post! One of my “hobbies” is reading books that have to do with budgeting, saving, living within your means………..

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