You now know the impact of habits in your life. If you are either successful or unsuccessful, rich or poor, moving forward or being stagnant, it’s all because of your habit. These habits are in form of seeds sown yesterday that give forth fruits that are either good or bad and these seeds project into the future. If these habits are bad, they will lead to disaster.
These habits are formed by learning and can be unlearned, they are pass down to us from parents, friends, environment, school and many more. Over the years, the habits have made us who we are and it either take you to a higher height or leave you the way you are.
Now is the time to become aware of where you are financially and know the habits that are ruining you and leaving you in financial woes. Now is the time to fish them out and deal with them. There are bad financial habits to get rid of. Habits making your expenses grow higher than your budget and habits making you spend more than you earn. Habits taking charge of your emotions and control you. These are habits controlling your money instead of you controlling your money.

There are two types of financial habits:

– good habits
– bad habits


These habits are destructive and financially lead you down the drain and put you in financial woes. These are inherited habits that you learn over time by the people that encircles your life daily and over time has made you who you are and where you are currently in all areas of your life. To move out of that misery and penury lifestyle, you need to change these habits. Some try to break these habits but struggle with themselves and find themselves back in it again. You have mastered these habits for many years and they are impact the way you act think, relate with people and every other thing and it has become your way of life and nothing new but just these habits, you sleep, wake, go out and come in with them so you don’t see anything bad in it. If anybody challenges this ideology of yours, you have reply to them, but these habits have instilled in you a lot of junks that are harmful, and you never see them even till you become totally broke.
These are frivolous spending, using credit cards excessively, not paying yourself, accumulating too much expenses leading to bad debt and many more.


These are habits that lead to financial freedom, these habits put you in the right state of mind and you are more disciplined, focus, hardworking and committed to achieving these freedom by acting on them daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly to help break away from the abysmal inherited habits.
These are also inherited habits with the support of people around you or you realize you have bad financial habits that is destroying you and you decided to make a change by breaking this terrible habit by unlearning them and learning something new that makes you financially comfortable as the time goes by. You put so much effort into these new lifestyle and you are on your way to financial freedom
These are living below your means, your mindset, paying yourself, investing your money into stocks, bond, mutual funds, real estate and others, cutting down all excesses and many more.



How long will you continue to complain about your paycheck and how much you earn and how small it is? How long will you live from paycheck to paycheck? How long will you live in debt accumulating expenses unnecessarily? How long will you hate your job because of your paycheck? How long will you hate yourself or life because of the paycheck you earn? How long will not think of a way to increase your paycheck? Think of a way out. Is it not time to make a temporary sacrifice that will increase your paycheck on the long run? Is it not time to take a bold step and ask for a pay raise, if you know you add value to the company and your finances keeps choking you? Is it not time you try something new to change your paycheck? Better off, look for way to improve on your skills?
It’s time to stop complaining about your paycheck and think about stop living from paycheck to paycheck. Now is the time to think of budgeting to flee paycheck to paycheck lifestyle and get rid of this habit.


Not taking time to review your finance is not too healthy for you. You need to review it monthly, quarterly or even yearly to know how far you have come. If you do not review your finance you won’t know if you need to save more or to invest more? You might be too conservative which is not too good. Not reviewing your finances will make you know what expenses does to your finance or know where your money is going and why that expense consumes too much of your finance and what to do about it.
Not reviewing your finance will make you not know how to allocate certain amount to certain things. Not reviewing your finance puts you in harm way.


Not investing in yourself is harmful to your financial growth and stability. Why will your financial life not remain the same if you do not invest in yourself? Not investing in yourself to grow financially by acquiring that needed knowledge that will change your finance is detrimental to you. Not think of acquiring skills that will influence your finance, not starting that side hustle that help stabilizes your finance and create chance for future growth. Not giving away to attract more and many more. Not doing that professional course that will later lead to a pay raise and help you financially is not good.
Not reading books and acquiring knowledge for your financial freedom and budgeting is harmful to you. Investing in yourself is key to your financial well-being. It’s just a lifestyle you develop that turn your finance around.


You want to make all the millions before you start investing is not good. Not thinking of starting with the little in your hand. Thinking that you must grow big to start investing is bad and you keep procrastinating and never take the step to act on what you know or being scared it will affect you. You keep procrastinating on your saving because of one financial excuse or the other. You never invest because you have cloud your mind with the market fears if it will go bear or bull. You keep telling yourself you will till later in the future you have nothing to fall back on when you experience financial challenges. Now is the time than never to start investing for the future and for your financial freedom.


Its time to stop spending more than you earn. How long will you spend more than you earn? How long will you continue to live like this? How long will you be extravagant and be flamboyant with your lifestyle? This habit is very destructive and leaves you in paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. It leaves you in debt and being emotionally unstable most times. When you spend more than you earn, you earnestly await your salary every day and depend so much on it because you have accumulated expenses. Now is the time to review this financial habit that is leading down the poverty line.


Once you start touching your emergency savings unnecessarily giving aimless reasons for issues to solve or to satisfy your inordinate desire this is not good for your finance and putting your financial future at risk by preventing your savings from growing. Every time you are in financial need, your mind tells you to touch it giving you reasons you ought to and before you know, you empty the account.
You need to look for ways to make your personal savings a little inaccessible with better interest rate.

Knowing that there are types of habits that can either make us better or destructive is great. That habits can be learned and unlearned is also vital and the decisions made is from habits formed because of our thought pattern later impacts our financial future. With these, you know some terrible habits you need to get rid of no matter how bad they are. There are many more

habits but these few I focused on is very vital to your financial future and need to take a bold step to change your finance and deal with these habits that makes life uncomfortable and unbearable for you.


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  1. Great tips! As a former banker for many years, it is amazing how many people have no idea how to properly manage their finances. Thanks for helping to educate and help people live fuller, happier lives!

  2. CherishingFLo says:

    These are good tips and a wake up call for me. I never invest in myself and dipping into my savings is all I do smh.

  3. Good tips and layout plain and simple. It suits the theme that is finance.

  4. I’m guilty of 2 and 5! Great post.

  5. Megan Storm says:

    I am guilty of bad habit #1! And some of the others. Thanks for this guide 🙂

  6. Mai Mahynd says:

    I wish I read stuffs like this when I was younger. I would probably be financially by now.

  7. Vox says:

    These are some really solid suggestions here. I am endeavoring to do better with my finances and this is just reminder that I needed. Thanks!

  8. Cassondra Eastham Artist says:

    Thanks for this! It is always good to be reminded to take a step back and pay attention to what we are doing! I appreciate the helpful info!

  9. Ah I literally review my finances every night. This has helped so much with understand where I’m spending my money. Also makes sure I have no unauthorized purchases.

  10. Bongani says:

    How to pay house in10 years.

  11. Casey says:

    It’s definitely super important to keep your spending in proper proportion to your income!

  12. Great tips, they seem so simple but I know so many including myself up until a few years ago wasn’t even aware of these.

  13. Great advice. I think one of the most important things we should teach teens before they head off to college. Great writing!

  14. very good tips and once again you proved ur best in writing these financial stuffs in amazing way. All the best and keep doing great work. Wonderful article by the way

  15. Cam says:

    This is such an amazing reminder thanks so much for sharing Rawling!! I love how you highlight that it is not about how much you make, but how you spend! Such an amazing tip. Are you involved in the FI community?

  16. Changing the way you think about money as you said is so powerful! Gratitude can take us farther than we realize.

  17. Miranda says:

    Changing the way you think about money is so important. So is investing in yourself. Some great advice, well written.

  18. This was really interesting! Makes me think about how important your view on money is. Thanks for some great advice that I’m going to follow 🙂

  19. I definitely needed to read this today – currently trying to turn my financial situation around and this definitely helped with great advice and inspiration!

  20. ADisneyWorldAdventurer says:

    This is all such great information! Really informative post, I need to exercise these tips more in my everyday life… starting with stop complaining about my paycheck! 🙂

    • Complaining about paycheck and doing nothing about it is bad and kills slowly but when you act, your mind opens up to endless opportunities and possibilities. Thanks

  21. Olivia says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the process you laid out. Our family is currently growing from the typical ultraconsumer, paycheck to paycheck, to being mindful of our money, paying ourselves first through index fund investing, and tracking our spending. Just by doing this alone I have been able to cut down on work hours and focus more on my side hustles. It’s amazing what a little life optimization will do!

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