Welcome to an exciting new year. Another amazing and wonderful year with so much to offer. What have you in plan for the year?  This year ought to be better, greater than last year. What have you in plan to make this year better, pleasurable and yield greater result for you?
What goals or resolutions do you have for the year? If you have them in place, how do you plan on achieving them? Are they realistic? Are they feasible and achievable? Will it propel you to get them achieved? Or just a junk list to write and abandon in a month or two?
Time flies, if care is not taken you will realize that you are stagnant with no goals achieved or bucket list or resolutions to keep you motivated.
If you have the plan, that’s good but if you don’t, you need to have a simplified one to help you achieve your goals and make it visible, where you can look at it each morning and evening and be motivated to take steps and action to make it a reality.  If you need help anywhere, talk to the needed people and network for help to achieve your goals for the year.



Your plan ought to be your map for the year to help manage your time and  do the needful to help your personal growth too. This plan can be edited and adjusted by adding or removing later to make it smart and achievable and not ambiguous and unrealistic so as not to get stressed out. When you are stressed out, you will abandon it, throw it away, care-less about achieving the goals and see meaningless reasons not to evaluate or either review it.
After preparing your plan, you need to have more copies to work with. One on the wall in your room to stare at when going out and coming in to keep you inspired and evaluate what you have done so far. If you have it on the wall, there will be days when the plan will speak to you on the wall. When you stare hard at it, you will surely be motivated to lift yourself up again and carry on with where you have stopped. I also suggest you have one in your bag. It has been of help to me. When am less busy, I bring it out to review and evaluate it, think of smart ways to achieve one of your goals. It worked for me on two to three occasions to achieve one of my set goals. I wanted to buy into an investment, I thought of moving it over to the following year when am ready. I brought it out of my bag on my way home one evening and kept staring hard at it on what to do and how to go about it and ideas began to drop, I opened my phone memo and typed it there. When I got home, I elaborate and meditate on it and made the right calls. By the end of the second week, it became a goal achieved and I felt fulfilled.
To simplify the goals, I broke it down to seven parts:
With these seven listed above, it’s simplified and smart, you can work out how to go about them and make them a reality and have a great year. For every goal listed, there should be an actionable plan to achieve them. All you need is the commitment, focus and time to have to make the goals a reality.
In my next post, I will simplify one or two but elaborate more on financial and I trust the others are not tough and could be worked on personally.
You can share insight on how to make your new year plan achievable and if need be, I can also help in any way too to make it simplified.


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  1. Yes i have lots of plans for the year which i have to make it possible one by one , your post gives me a rethought and great share

  2. I love how you broke this down! I definitely have plans for 2018, I wrote about them in my latest blog post 😊

  3. Ray @ Superpowers Sold Separately says:

    I started writing down my blogging goals, finance goals, and fitness goals for the year. I’m really excited to get started. Unassisted ups here I come!!

  4. lacyngo says:

    I love the idea of having your goals posted on your wall and in a bag. I also journal every night and re-write my goal and plan. I also write about how I am doing with my goals.

  5. Nicole says:

    I love your idea of our goals/plan being a map for the year. The great things about maps is that there is often more than one way to get to you destination, which would be encouraging should you get detoured while on your path to your goal. Happy New Year!

  6. angela says:

    I have a few goals I am working on hoping to see them true early in the year. I like the idea of putting on paper step by step of how to reach the goal.Thanks for sharing

  7. I need to take some of your advice. I need to post my goals on a wall. That way I can see it, it’s visible right in front of me. Good post!

  8. My process for goals is pretty similar! Here’s to us achieving our goals this year!

  9. REEJ Blog says:

    Nice post tnx for sharing

  10. infolearnedbyuscom says:

    Thanks for sharing. We got big plans this year and more focused than ever.

  11. bellegabriella1 says:

    I really like how you broke goals into down into different categories! I’m writing them down for sure!

  12. Thank You for the excellent advice – I always appreciate Your suggestions !!!

  13. 1nicole87 says:

    My family and I did a bucket list for the year of 2018 where we will achieve resolutions so to speak together! I let the kids choose some that I’m excited about. Great post!

  14. MettleFork says:

    Working on my goals already. Great job.

  15. Already planned btw thanks ❤

  16. Lydia Young-Samson says:

    I love how you simplified plans and setting goals into categories, most of the time we forget to organize and this leads to not making realistic goals.

  17. joleisa says:

    Yes, my overall plan for the year is to be happy. Financially I plan to focus on monetising my blog. All the best with your plans for the new year too.

  18. Henissi says:

    Great post. I particularly like the idea of having a copy of the plan up on the wall. Once I have written up my 2018 goals (I know – I am late!!) I am gonna steal that tip! So far all I have done is chosen my 2018 planners:

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