The year is entirely rounding up. How has it been so far? Did you set goals for the year? How far did you go with it? Did you achieve any goal for the year? If any, did you review your performance so far? Did you end this year with no goal or achievement? Did you really invest in any area of your life to help you grow? How did you personally review this year? How did you rate yourself this year? Did you make yourself better? Did you make the life of anyone better? What of the side hustle? What of buying into any investment (stocks, bond, mutual fund, treasury bills and others)? The course to upgrade yourself educationally? You had the bucket list or new year resolution or goals or plans but you ended up achieving none of them? Fear, negativity, procrastination and doubt made you join the mediocre who had nothing to show as the year round off. “I will save, I will save but could not save a dime. I will buy that investment, I will do the course, I will start that business but did not move an inch closer to take any action. Mostly importantly your financial goals? Did you set any saving goals for the year? Any goals to become financially free in a world of unstable economy? In a world where money has lost its value? Still hoping and searching for that safe and secure job in an unsecured world? still waiting for that job with the enormous salary? Did you ever save any penny so far, this year? Expenses and excuses did not allow you to pay yourself? The salary is small and never enough to meet your needs? Will it ever be enough when you start earning high? Will the expenses not all grow with you? Will your wants and needs not also skyrocket?

achievement so far

Are you still living paycheck to paycheck? Are you still in huge debt after salary? living a flamboyant lifestyle but swimming in debt?
What of the habits that have tied you down? What of the habits that have made you live in abject poverty? What of the inherited pattern you been battling with for years?  What have you put in place to break this hard pattern that has left you this way? Why did you still decide to continue with this style of many years or go back to it after all the new year resolution or bucket list you made a year ago?
Did you discover your purpose this year? Did you discover the vision for your life?  Have you discovered your strength and weakness? Do you know who you truly are? Are you living the life you dreamt of?  you passionate about what you do? Are you still struggling with that job? Still struggling with starting that business and not knowing what to do or how to go about it?
Do you want to go into the new year with these habits that have held you back these years? Do hope to make a change to become a better personality? Do you want to be transformed for greater height or make your big thinking a reality and achieve that big dream?
It’s  time for you create a day to sit down to think and meditate for the way forward and make sure the coming year is not the same for you. The time is right to bring about that change. To take note of vital things to achieve for the following year and how to go about achieving them in a simplified manner. How to break away from that pattern and move forward. It’s time to cut off every form of excesses from you to be prepared for the coming year. Let people see you and admit that the coming year will be prospective and better.

As you enter into this new year, resolve  in your heart to focused, disciplined, determined and committed to bring about that change that will make you financially free, get the help you need to start the business, the necessary support to help  break the strong habit holding you down.
Have a great, wonderful and positive year ahead of you.




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  1. I hope i achieved what i want and this is a good article to talk of inspirationally

  2. Vox says:

    Yes, I am still living paycheck to paycheck, but I have more definitive plans for next year, so I will trying to establish better budgeting habits, so that I can realize my goals. Thanks for asking the hard questions.

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  4. Nicola says:

    I took courage and faced up to these questions a few years back and as a result I’m finally seeing and living the life I want. Obviously there’s still more to come and I attempt to ‘up level’ my life every year!

    2017 has been wonderful (I’ll be documenting it very soon) and I’m in the process of putting my goals together for 2018. Your questions are a great prompt to help that process, to dig a bit deeper and to push myself a bit harder! Thanks :).

    • I really appreciate the fact that this post really opened you up a little and made you realize how you have gone so far and how the next year will be and what to do to make it better. Thanks

  5. Joyce says:

    You made me start checking my tracking and I think I’ve archived what needs to be. Thanks to this

  6. sjones1205 says:

    Excellent Post! I did not achieve all my goals but I got pretty close. Looking forward to a new set of goals in 2018. Happy New Year!

  7. eguyadeen3 says:

    I have achieve to draw closer to our Lord and I am in journey to become a local pastor, I was bless to serve in a church as the Interim Pastor while he was on sabbatical for six months. My goals for the coming year is to continue to journey with Christ as continue to grow and learn to serve as a pastor

  8. Oyibo says:

    I won’t say a achieved my goal 100% this year but I achieved a greater percent of it. This year is like a foundation laying year for me and am grateful to the Almighty for the success so far.

    • Good to know that you achieved part of it no matter how small, it means you will achieve greater goals next year if you put in more effort and be more committed and make the goals smart and achievable. Thanks

  9. Laura Jane says:

    I set goals for 2018 – 2 of them are to blog more and to start a YouTube Channel! I hope to achieve this for the coming year and grow more!


  10. I have achieved my goals and so ready to crush more in 2018. Great post!

  11. Very insightful and thought provoking. I actually surpassed my goals and so looking forward to crush the next ones. Happy New Year! Many blessings to you and yours!

  12. carefreespiritfairy says:

    Great article Rawlings. It’s very inspiring. I did achieve something even though it might not be that big. I realized what I really wanted to do and be in life

  13. I never really write anything down as a New Year’s resolution. I just vow to accomplish more of where I want my life to be, do some good for others, and say “yes” to experiences more. It seems to work at least a little bit every year. Anytime I make a definitive resolution I never keep it.

    • You need to make it more realistic by writing it down, think of ways to achieve it, have a copy with you on the wall and with it. Always look at it each day and you will be motivated to achieve it because it will surely speak to you as you stare at it each day. Thanks.

  14. anissa4334 says:

    Definitely achieved some of my goals! Would like to do a little more with the 457 account and increase my networth this year. I also can’t swim ! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Ashley says:

    Thanks for the reflective post. Indeed, this year my goal is to change several habits!

  16. therunaway says:

    Great post and really good, but difficult questions. In 2017 I finally managed to quit job that paid well, but constantly brought me down. I start 2018 with leaving to new place and starting the dream job. I changed my life, so yes I achieved my goal.
    Thank you for this post 🙂

  17. 2017 was year of growth for me. Personal growth, relationships, business and as an individual. It was a year of change and I have achieved many different things that I haven’t thought possible.

  18. lindsay says:

    I hope that I can achieve my driving test this year.I like this blog post, very inspirational thank you

  19. LoneArt1st says:

    I would say, I did achieve many goals last year, of course a lot of have failed as well. In my personal short review, I wasn’t satisfied on several aspects, especially on blogging. So starting from now, it’s time to get serious.

    But, I’m grateful I managed to finally achieve one big goal, and that’s to do international travel.

  20. I have made purpose for this year… I will be focused on it… Thanks for giving inspiring thought…

  21. Kisha says:

    Disciplined and determined! Not everyone has the discipline to reach their goals. Great questions to ask ourselves in a moment of reflection though.

  22. Tereka says:

    I started some of my goals or 2017 then and I am ready to continue them and adjust in 2018! Good reflection post.

    • Really a good review. An uncompleted or achieved goal that was not achieved can be moved to the following year for one reasons or the other. Keep up the goog jobs. Thanks

  23. It was a great year! I achieved many things but I hope this year is going to be even more amazing!

  24. Write, Read it, Believe it, Achieve it. Goals are so important!!

  25. I believe that I did in that we are making better financial decisions. That helps in a lot of aspects of life.

  26. Nicole says:

    I typically do t make new year’s resolutions. Maybe that is why I haven’t met the goals that I want to. By defining specific goals and laying out a plan to achieve the goals I will be more likely to achieve them. Thoughts without a plan are useless. That is why this year I will be doing New Years resolutions.

  27. Adepoju Grace says:

    I hope to save more this year. Read more books as well.

  28. You ask some really awesome questions that make you think. Which is what we need in order to motivate us to get where we want to go in life. I did accomplish my goals in 2017 and I plan on doing it again this year. I always write down my goals so I can look at them and hold my self-accountable for what I want. This is a great post! 🙂

  29. DD´s blog says:

    Some I achieve, but some of them still waiting for me in 2018. 🙂 excellent post 😉

  30. Hugh J says:

    My resolution and new year goal of 2017 was to start off my blog and get it off the ground! Don’t think I’ve done too badly lol

  31. Very thought provoking and inspiring! 🙂 Thank you!

  32. mayacuthbert says:

    Awesome post! I hope i accomplished all of my goals from last year, but i had such a looonnngg list, I’m not too sure i did! have made a much shorter list this year, in hopes theyre more achievable.

  33. kamal upreti says:

    Thanks for inspiring us..
    keep sharing your inspirational ideas..

  34. Very inspiring post…I’m still in the process of accomplishing my goals. I grew spiritually last year through my trials, I’m proud to say that.

    • Setting spiritual goals too is good like trying to improve your bible reading, reading christian books, creating days for personal fast in a week and having the list of what you really want to focus praying about and days for personal vigil too. Thanks

  35. MARSHALEE JIN says:

    I use to be so bad with money. I would spend and never save. But the past few years I have got so good at saving. I am always in a budget now lol. Thanks for this article, great tips.

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