Jonathan and his wife Jennifer had two kids (Katie and Paul). They are both working class couple. Jonathan in his early 40’s works with a telecommunication company as a sales manager and earns #150,000 per month, Jennifer in her late 30’s works as front desk officer, earns #70,000 per month. In two to three years’ time, the kids will be in secondary school.


70%—EXPENSES: #154,000

Jonathan and Jennifer decided to plan their finance using the 70/30(10/10/10) strategy. Children school fees, feeding, debt (rent apartment), transport, utility bills, rent, cable network, travelling, entertainment, business skills and others.
They put their finance together for the upkeep of the family. In putting their finance together for clarity and honesty sake, they added up their finance together #220,000.

SCHOOL FEES: ——— #60,000

Katie and Paul fees and all expenses is #60,000, every term (every three months). The school is one of the best and of standard around the vicinity. In changing the children’s school, they school fees reduced from #75,000 to #60,000.

FEEDING: —— #15,000

Jennifer prepares the meal and everyone carries food to their various destination to also help cut down eating outside and accumulating more expense.

DEBT (HOUSE RENT LOAN): ——- #10,000

They had to move out of their formal two bedrooms flat to another one (lesser in price) in a location a little closer to their place of work and It helps adjust their finance. They took loan from their bank to payback before the end of the year with interest rate. This amount is deducted from their income monthly.

RENT: —– #10,000

They decided to budget this amount for their rent so as not to get stressed for the house rent and avoid being in-debted for months before rallying around to pay.

UTILITY: —– #5,000

From electricity, cable network, water, security rounds up to this amount. It’s either higher or lower based on how the bills come in each month and must one way or the other balance his budgeting.


They budgeted for transportation because of price fluctuation and most times walk distance that’s trekkable to work.


They both registered for a class to help focus on side hustle to help the family income and make money for the family because the family needs will grow as the years pass and inflation will also affect things. They decided to focus on fishery business.


Jonathan decided to start a professional course. Project management to help plan for a career path and growth in his company. He needs to upgrade himself to get a pay raise and bonus to which will impact his financial goals positively.
Jennifer registered for her three- month course to help get a change of job for a better one. Her current job is totally unstable and might fold-up before the end of two years or less because of economic policy and atmosphere.


They had to create time for each other and for the family once in a month. To interact with each other and spend time together with the kids too, hang out occasionally with friends and family. They go shopping, if no outing that month, to upgrade their clothes and that of the kids. They visit many stores and look for the one with the best market price and the budget created for the shopping.

TRAVELLIING: ——-#7,000

They create time to travel to visit their parents once in 4-5 months to know about their well-being and work purposes might take Jonathan outside the state occasionally.

OTHERS: ——#10,000

This is for urgent expenses and emergency issues that ought to be tackled



Jonathan and his wife pay 10% percent of their salary to their place of worship monthly, they pay separately. They believe, it opened the door abundance and its gives them the opportunity to contribute to the growth and expansion of a great course, helping the needy and they have been really blessed.


When they receive alert form their income, they quickly automate to their joint personal savings account before they withdraw any amount or pay any fixed expenses. Their saving has really grow extremely well over the years. They also pay into their retirement savings and that’s taken care of by their employer.

10%— INVESTING—#22,000

The couple were approached by an investment firm that enlightened them on investing in mutual funds, T-bills, stocks, bonds and others. They decided to pick money market funds and have seen and monitor their investments on the company’s app. They saw the money grow and they feel happy and comfortable about it, they visit the firm occasionally and they are assigned to a financial planner who’s of great help to them and they plan on buying into other investment before the end of the year.

This was how the couple planned their finance and budgeted their money to achieve their financial freedom and for emergency cases too and cut their excesses in many ways and moved it into where it would be useful and helpful to ease the family financially.



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31 Responses to CASE STUDY TWO ON BUDGETING STRATEGY 70-30(10-10-10)

  1. wow very interesting article and useful case study for everyone.. liked it very much..

  2. I feel such budgeting is very important .. Well explained with a case study and this will be of great help to people looking for budgeting advises .

  3. ourboomerblog says:

    An interesting case study on simple economics. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the guidelines, being responsible with your money is one of the most important lessons.

  5. I love that this includes travel for well-being. This is so much more important than people think. If you put it the budget you are more likely to do it.

  6. Gina says:

    great comparisons and insights. Definitely, ideas to implement. Thanks

  7. I always love reading your saving tips and strategies . I managed to save a nice chunk this month so I feel like I am on the right path . Reading articles like this lets me know saving and finicial freedom is not as impossible as I once thought .

  8. Renzi says:

    When it comes to budgets, gotta stick to it and this is very helpful. Appreciate it.

  9. howtomakemoneyfortraveling says:

    Great info. I’ve been using the 70/30 rule for budgeting and didn’t even realize it until reading your article. I’m tackling debt this year and would like my budget to be 40/60 by the end of the year!

  10. Thank you for this informative article! 🙂 I will pin this hopefully to help others. I love the way you listed specific money amounts, and more importantly, why they allocate these amounts. I think when budgeting, you are right that it is all about priorities.

  11. This is an interesting case study, budgeting is very important for staying alive….

  12. This is a very interesting article! Thank you for the info! 🙂

  13. kenzecares says:

    I’ve had a bit of a struggle with budgeting but I believe this realistic post would help a lot

    • I think why you struggle with it is because its not flexible and realistic. You don’t follow through with it by being focused, disciplined and committed to it. Do the budget to fit your monthly income.Thanks.

  14. Love this, I love to budget; my siblings usually come to me when they’re having money problems haha. Thanks for sharing!

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