You now know the impact of too much expenses on your finance and how they drain you slowly without being aware and the types of expenses you incur either fixed expenses that slightly change due to uncommon circumstances and variable expenses due to your impulsive and flamboyant lifestyle.
With these discussed, you now know where you stand and how you really need to investigate these small expenses that build to form debt for you. Now is the time to start looking into your spending and tracking how you spend and manage your money. Taking these steps help you finance positively in a huge way.
Now is the time to look at everything from utility bills to rent to managing your money, frivolous spending, subscriptions and everything needed to be done.
These are the ten ways to help cut down your expenses and have enough to spend, save and invest.


You need to know where your money is going. What is really eating deep into your money, why is it consuming your money and many more things. List out all the expenses no matter how minute it is and all you can get your hands on. Write all of them down and know you are also responsible for these expenses. With these list, you become aware of your expenses and know where you currently stand.


Categorize your expenses to where they belong. Categorize them to fixed and variable expenses and under each of these expenses you know the impact on your finance and how it affects you and what to do.
Knowing the type of expenses and what it means matters a lot, it gives an insight into the type of expense you deal with and how flexible or rigid it is or not and the one you can make adjustment on.


With planning on cutting down your expenses, you need review your past and current expenses and know where it is going and look for ways to deal with these past and present expenses. Your past expenses will make you know how to deal with your current ones when you see all you have been accumulating and know how you have accumulated much expenses and why.
By reviewing the past and the present, you will know if you need it or not, if to cut it down to the barest minimum or manage them.
After seeing your past expenses, look for way to reduce the current one, look for way to put an end to any habit and refrain your mind from the consuming habits to saving and investing habit.
You can stop your frivolous habits like buying emotionally, stop eating outside or look for restaurant with affordable price to eat than eating in an exclusive restaurant all the time or best bet prepare your food from home to help save more money.
Look for way to search for a low and comfortable subscription for your phone and television that still serves well.



After dealing with your past and present expenses and know which expenses is affecting your finance and cutting it down. You need to create a plan to start budgeting your finance and know where your excesses are going and where you incur more expenses. In budgeting, you will be assigning certain amount to each expense and look for ways to cut down the one that affects your finance more. If it’s looking for ways to cut your utilities bills like reducing your plans on your mobile phones, reduce or stop consumable habits like excessive smoking and drinking, look for a less expensive way to entertain yourself, transportation fees by looking for short-cuts. You really need a level of discipline and commitment to get it done. You need to start tracking your spending and managing or control your emotions to help deal with your spending habit too.


Know that as you try to manage your expenses, you need to create room for adjustment. You will experience a mental shift in managing your money and belief about money. You also need adjustment to give you a financial balance. It makes you become aware about your money and know the value of every penny spent and its worth.


After budgeting, tracking your expenses and adjusting them. You can start planning for your excesses and what to do with it. you can either use it to settle other issues or plan for your finance.
With creating budgeting, you can easily set financial goals to save for emergency and invest to make your money work for you.


You need to start tracking your expenses and track every penny spend. You need to realistically know why you are spending every penny. Every penny that goes out and comes in must be tracked and documented with meaningful reason.


Through review your performance, you will know how far you have gone with reviewing your expenses and the effort you have made to bring this change to your finance. If through cutting down your expenses and budgeting, what impact it has to your finance and how you been able to manage your money well to save, invest and support your side hustle.
In reviewing you will know if you need to be more disciplined and improve on getting your expenses reduced by taking actions or if you are really on track to a great financial future.
This review can be done monthly or quarterly to know your stand. It’s a mathematical reality check that will be of great help to how you manage your money and have plan for your financial independence.


With these discussed, you now know why you spend too much on expenses, the types of expenses and which one consumes your finance, ways to cut your expenses and how to manage your finance.
You now know the impact on your finance and how you can reduce or manage your expenses too. Now, you know how they eat bit by bit into your finance.
Dealing with these expenses will help your finances a lot, if you review your performance and come to the reality through reviewing them.
With these, you can now deal with your expenses and acquire a new mindset about managing your money and how to adjust to this new lifestyle and plan your road to financial freedom.


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  2. Devendra says:

    Those are great money saving tips. Thanks for sharing.

  3. eguyadeen3 says:

    Great ideas to have on hand

  4. Karina says:

    Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  5. Jeannelle says:

    This , I must follow. Trying to save more so I can travel.

  6. Amber says:

    Great tips! I am always looking for ways to cut our expenses and save money!

  7. The Frugal Bear says:

    Great Tips Thanks!!!

  8. joleisa says:

    It is true that we do need to make some adjustments to some of our spending habits and we will be better off. Frugal living is also something I strongly suggest. Great post.

  9. Sarah says:

    Easy to say. Hard to do! But great advice. This year I’ll do my best!

  10. tachiwi says:

    You always provide the best tips for securing financial freedom. This came right on time as this month I got very off track . So I will use this checklist and try to do better next month .

  11. Leena Chadha says:

    I try to categorize and track my expenses too.Nice tips to have everything sorted out.

  12. Tahney says:

    thanks for the tips! always good to step back and review

  13. Zach Knox says:

    As a college student this information is a great reminder of how to save money!

  14. This is so important! Great post! I will be considering all f this going forward as I lower my debt:)

  15. I always look forward to your beneficial posts, really need these especially when budget is getting out of control!

  16. Hey,
    I like to suggest that this post will be completed if you’ve added some Apps/Softwares which are designed specifically for tracking the expenses.
    What do you think?
    Anyway, thank you very much for sharing this very informative and essential article with us.

    • You are absolutely right. Am not here to suggest apps/ software for you because there are lots of them you can get and know the one that works conveniently well for you. Thanks

  17. We’ve got two great posts on using Personal Capital to track your expenses! Check them out here: bit.ly/away_PCtrack and here: bit.ly/away_PCtips


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