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There are ways to budget your money to achieve your financial goal for the year and years ahead. With these ways of budgeting, you can easily allocate your money into different group. With these, your saving, spending and investing are categorized and you can know where the excesses are going, how to control or put a stop to it. when you achieve the set budget, follow the budgeting system with a level of discipline, commitment and dedication prepares you to be financially free.
These are the four ways to budget your money and I use one of them to help me live a financially stable life.



These four ways of budgeting your money helps you to LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS (past blog post) and manage your money well. With these budgeting style, managing your finance becomes flexible, it helps you break down your salary into necessary category. It’s not time consuming but easy to follow through and won’t be put aside. You can now deal with issue of spending too much on your WANTS than your NEEDS. With these list in place, you can manage your money well and be more financially responsible for tomorrow’s financial achievement.


This way of budgeting is the highly accepted and approved by financial planner, experts, money manager and so forth.


You need to know all the fixed expenses that falls into this group from rent, food, transportation cost, healthcare, insurance, utility bills. It also includes your payment plan to offset the debt sooner or later. These can be manage based on the expenses within your limit. With this percentage, you can manage your budget in a sound way so that it does not impact your standard of living.
In these category, your transport might be higher or lower because of distant to work and you will have to schedule more to maybe feeding or debt payment to plan and manage resources effectively and efficiently. Some expenses might be higher this month and the following month lower because of one circumstance or the other but you need to balance and round them up to 50% for efficiency.


This is meant for your needs to enhance healthy living. With these you differentiate between your needs and wants and know when to delay gratification to live a balanced life. These includes plan hanging out with friends, gym memberships, data plan for mobile phone, cable network, movies, travelling, haircuts or plaiting your hair. This is spending to its barest minimum for conduciveness. It can be used to invest in one’s self like your hobby. Maybe blogging, photography, writing, and so forth.
Your spending ought to be carefully watched or else you exceed your limit but if controlled, you achieve your aim of being financially convenience.


You need to pay yourself and invest by making your money work for you, by planning to become financially free. With saving, you plan for days ahead, retirement plan, unforeseeable events that can occur and how to resolve it without being financially stressed. With this, you have a shift in thinking about money and its value. Every amount you save now presently grow to give you that confidence in the future that you have achieved a level of freedom.


This is another kind of budgeting your money if you are not comfortable with the first one but what matters is the one that makes you financially less stressed.


This is still the usual fixed expenses and spending here but budgeting more because you need a lot more to deal with here. Which include children school fees, debt, utility bills, rent and others. The whole explanation is the same as the one above. In this place, you take time to break it down and budget certain percentage to expenses to help manage them well.


As explained earlier to always pay yourself and plan for more than enough for your unforeseen events and plan to be financially free.


You have worked hard for your money and after income it goes down because of the spending and inflation eats deep into your money. Now is the time to stop being enslaved to money and time to make your money work for you and feel like a boss. You can automate it with your bank or do it yourself by transferring into the investment of your choice that fits you and make you feel comfortable like stocks, bond, mutual funds, treasury bills.


With these, you develop the habit of giving. It’s a heart of generosity expressing gratitude, love and so forth. Giving attracts more into your life. It’s a source of giving hope to those in need and fighting poverty. You give to church, charity organization and others. It draws blessing, gives a heart of gratitude and prosperity to make you have more. Giving is a true reflection of one’s self, it’s that heart to give joyfully without worry and hopeful for greater things to come.



As usual committing this percentage to expenses for the month.


Paying yourself as usual by saving this percentage and paying or automating into an account.

As usual, making your money work for you as you work hard from 9-5 and you watch your money grow with value and beat inflation by investing in stocks, bond, mutual funds, treasury-bills and others.

Giving out to charity organization of your choice, church and others to help give the life of other’s a meaning. Its attracts and gives a mind of abundance and you will never lack financially.

With these rule, you are hard on yourself and very frugal and you cut down all your excesses and don’t spend anyhow and manage your expenses to the barest minimum and you delay gratification more to plan for your financial freedom. With these rule, you do a deep level of calculation before spending a penny and give specific reasons for spending money on that goods or services.


Cut down your expenses and debt and manage them effectively well. money discovered from excesses is either for any unplanned unforeseen events or to SAVE more.


Saving more to plan for your projects and financial future.

Splitting to buy up to two different investment to help manage market risk or market fluctuation and still be financially safe.

Giving to the needy, charity organizations or your religion to help the growth of the religion and making the lives of people better.

Being financially aware of your situation makes you allot these percentage to different amount. The challenges lots of people face is controlling their spending which eats deep into their finance and have no control over it but all you need is a level of discipline, commitment and focus. You can easily track your spending, control, manage and make your money work for you. If you are consistent with it, it helps to become financially free and enjoy life.