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Our mind determines our destination and impact most area of their lives.  Your mindset about money is very vital. It’s your thought pattern and attitude about money. This mindset determines how you manage and spend money and your relationship with others about money too.

This way of thinking did not just evolve from the atmosphere or come from nowhere it’s a thinking pattern generated over time that evolves into a habit that impacts your decision making. 

This pattern determines what you spend your money on, what you think about money like saying “money is scarce and hard to get”, am I plucking money from tree? “and a few other mindsets. 

We grow up with this mindset about money from our childhood and take it into marital lives and you keep thinking the same thought pattern. You attract the same set of people with the same mindset, you all talk the same way and live in the same environment and share the same mindset too and pass this same notion to your children and your spouse might likely have this same mindset too and everything around revolves with the same pattern, that is scarcity mindset.

Out of your mind cometh the things of your life. These things of your life can determine how your life becomes because as you think so are you in all area of your life. These patterns of mindset attract everything and even your set of friends into your life. The rich will network with each other all the time to keep a healthy mindset and lifestyle so do the poor and so with career people. 

Most people are not aware that they have been programmed their entire life to interact with money in a very particular way. Being programmed in this thinking pattern made your life experience stunted growth and everything seems to be hard and you believe you need to work hard for your money and you don’t know you need to make your money work for you by saving and investing them. And by investing your money, its making your money work hard for you while your mind is at rest which is also paying you for your work too.

This mindset impacts your IMPULSIVE SPENDING, DEBT, FINANCIAL WOES and a few others but you are never aware of it. You just jump out of bed every morning rush to work and back to bed at night, living paycheck to paycheck and continue to struggle and it’s as if you are blind to the world.

Its time you sit down and analyze yourself and know what is wrong financially and know if you will have to continue with this mindset and struggle from hand to mouth or you need to bring a drastic change to your finance that will transform your financial woes and impact your next generation.

Where did this programmed mindset come from? How did you come about it? How did you acquire it? How did this pattern creep into my mind and control your decisions and become habits?

You acquired it from grand-parents, parents, friends, family, schools, environment and so forth. Check out your parents and find out how they react to money and their belief systems about money. When you visit your friends how do their parents also react to the issue of money. Find out what your friends belief about money and how they manage money? What did people around you in school too belief about money? They know or say nothing about money but just spend it as it comes and no plans for savings or investing or even thinking of paying themselves Check out their environment and you realize that the higher percentage have the same thought pattern. This actions and reactions form your ideas and leads to habits which form your decision in every area of your life and that’s why you struggle financially.

This programmed pattern brings fear, anger, aggressiveness, self-limiting beliefs, negativity in most area of your lives, struggling to achieve anything, paycheck to paycheck, you need to work harder instead of working smarter and even hardship.

But becoming aware and reprogramming yourself and thought pattern can show enormously in most areas of your life. You must change the words you say and choose your words wise and think about where you get your advice from which also affects your mindset. It will reprogramme your mindset and every area of your live will experience reprogramming.  if you want to be financially secure, you must control your thoughts and beliefs and change your network .

You should change your beliefs about money and change the programming on your mind about money. For financial freedom, you need to free yourself from your inherited habits and create new habits that allows you to create money.


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  1. youngtoff15 says:

    Reblogged this on PAULTAIWO'S BLOG and commented:
    I think you guys should read piece of work by a friend of mine.

  2. youngtoff15 says:

    This is a wonderful piece and I like the statement towards the conclusion of this article the says:
    “For financial freedom, you need to free yourself from your inherited habits and create new habits”
    Thanks for sharing this piece here!

  3. The piece is insightful.Delighted to read

  4. Kaiden-Chase says:

    Great post

  5. Congratulation Rawlings. Brilliant news. Enjoy the award….!

  6. Helpful breakdown! You’re right, it is difficult to adjust your thinking about money, but often is the necessary step before any changes.

  7. Great post.. this is so true.. success begins when you change your mind setting and changing your habit.. you don’t attract what you want.. you attract who you are.. that’s why it is very important to change your mindset.. like the quotes it says” your life is the reflection of your thought, if you don’t like your life change your thoughts.

  8. thedmichelle says:

    Just an amazing post! Mindset is so important!

  9. Djrasool says:

    Totally agree with you, reprogramming is really important but why don’t we reprogram it in a way which is less stressful for us? Rather running after money why don’t we adjust ourselves and lifestyle in way which helps managing our cash flows? I think the kind of times we are in, we are more bothered about how people perceive us, we need to program our mind and set yourselves free.

    • We really need to reprogram ourselves for good to make us better in all areas of our lives..instead of running after money , you can reprogram yourself to make money run after you. Thanks

  10. sarah fabol says:

    This is a great piece of advice. For me changing your mindset about money makes it easier to achieve your financial goals.

  11. This is excellent advice for everyone – Thank You for sharing this valuable information.

  12. This is a good info. and awesome advice to everyone.. Thank you for sharing the wonderful info.. !

  13. Thought provoking read, thanks. Life’s battle now is reprogramming our minds about most things in life, but for sure money. Maybe that will help lower people’s debt levels etc & breaks the cycles of bad money management/ relationship.

  14. Sarah says:

    Great post, really gets you thinking also about what sort of things you are showing your children in regards to money.

  15. Sunday swart says:

    Great piece dear.
    I love this article and for me this goes to upcoming/newbies bloggers that have tact money mindset.
    Thanks again epp

  16. bellegabriella1 says:

    This is so interesting! I really liked what you said about knowing how that we have been programmed so we can reprogram. I think that is so important in many aspects of like. I believe that’s truly the way to a better life!

  17. This is a very good article! It needs more exposure because I know at least a dozen people who need to read it!

  18. Flossie says:

    I love this post, and it’s so spot-on. Money is such an important topic to discuss openly and often (especially with a potential mate, before you’ve tied the knot) but too many people don’t do this enough.

  19. AmberLynn says:

    This post was a little deeper than I was expecting it to be. I will try to refocus and change my mindset before entering a marriage, but I think this is something that everyone should read.

  20. Libby says:

    Brilliant advice, many I know would benefit from having a read thats for sure 👍

  21. akepolito1 says:

    I can’t tell you often I heard money doesn’t go on trees. The number one thing that helped me have a different mindset is educating myself on managing finances – it helped me to shape a healthy thought process about my own finances and let me go of the fear surrounding the same.

  22. Ezinne says:

    A positive mindset is everything! If your mind isn’t well regulated, then your living wouldn’t be. I just picked that up. Nice article

  23. Impulsive spending is definitely my downfall. Thank you for changing my mindset!

  24. This is really useful, I like what you said about reprogramming and developing your own attitudes towards money.
    J |

  25. DD´s blog says:

    Good post , like it 🙂

  26. First of all, congratulation! Recently, I’ve resat my mind set. The book that I have recommended it in my last post, it has helped me so much. I have enjoyed in reading your article, really nice piece!

  27. First of all congratulations on the Blogger recognition award. Now it isn’t easy to not think about money especially when we live in a society where money determines almost everything. I need money, you need money, everybody needs money but we don’t have to let money rule and control us rather we should have control over it

  28. Great post. I agree that we have to look at what has not worked for us and be prepared to release that.

  29. oyibougbo says:

    Awesome, great and very insightful. Exactly what you wrote here was what made me readjust my self especially the way i spend and handle money. Am happy i came across this post. Thanks for sharing. You are a great thinker.

  30. Money can be a really stressful aspect of someone’s every day life. That makes blogging my such a really special way to take those woes away. While it takes a lot of work- this offers lots of oppertunity to make a living. Great post!

  31. Shawna says:

    Great post. Mindset is everything. Money can be a huge stress factor. So changing your idea of it, and appropriate management, can make all the difference.

  32. Jane says:

    Congrats for an award! Thanks for sharing useful tips about money!

  33. Lucrezia says:

    This post is so insightful and really does offer a new perspective on things! One thinks that their mindset is the right one because they’re surrounded by people that think the same way as them, their family, their friends… but you’re absolutely right, one can absolutely change their mindset!

  34. Congratulations!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  35. carefreespiritfairy says:

    These are some very good insights about money. I definitely consider that. Congratulations too! It’s always good to hear about a good blogger being recognized

  36. Congrats on your award ! This is a great post ! Thanks for sharing

  37. Twinkle Gaur says:

    This is such a great post. Congratulations for the nomination. Enjoy it.

  38. This is a wonderful piece. Great post with very useful advises. Thanks so much for sharing this!
    Would you take a look at my latest blog post and let me know what you think?

  39. Sarah says:

    I have been trying to change my own mindset on money. It’s been a long process that I’m still struggling with at times. But I’ve managed to get myself out of credit card debt within the last year and that’s something I never thought I’d do. I think it’s important for people to understand how they think about money and how they treat money in general. Thanks so much for sharing!

  40. This is so true. Your mindset has an impact on all things in your life, but I think people forget about the money aspect. Great post 😊

  41. Leslie Nichole says:

    This is a great post! I pinned it on my board for others to see and learn a little something.

  42. Moments of Grace and Glory says:

    Great post. ‘As a man thinks in his heart so is he’ Our Words both spoken to us and by us are powerful and shape the realities we live out of. Negative words often become self fulfilling prophecies in our life. We are set free by replacing lies with truth.

  43. Nina says:

    Big yes to changing our money mindset towards abundance! 😃 I super love this post. Our inner potential to grow rich and financially free lies on the quality of our money mindset. When we believe and affirm that we are worthy of earning moree, act towards proper money management and respect our money, we become more blessed financially.

  44. lacyngo says:

    Great thoughts! My husband and I need to ask ourselves some of these questions

  45. Don Swenson says:

    Your understanding is excellent. Money is not understood my many. D

  46. Bro you are doing great and appreciable efforts to help others to think not only positively but also making them to save and discipline their best in terms of savings and investments economically. Loving your each post and you really showed the great piece of your thoughts here.

  47. tcstefaniblogs says:

    I absolutely agree that earning money is a mindset. Planning is a good way to lead you to finical freedom

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