Get a job or work on your skill to get paid for it. Earn it, work for it and you will know it’s value. No matter how small the pay is, start somewhere. Pay yourself first on what you earn before paying others-your children school fees, car rent, utilities, and others. Once you pay yourself last, you live from paycheck to paycheck and keep repeating the same cycle. It might be 10-20% of your salary, it adds value to you and helps you manage money well. Focus on it and be consistent and deliberate.
In earning it, you plan saving it. Save that percentage of your salary, pay it into a different account and always automate it and watch it grow as months pass by. As you earn more in salary, you increase your savings and you create more wealth. In earning more, the saving ability must be there to help increase your wealth and makes you grow in confidence.
The reason we don’t think of earning big or increase our savings is because we are in one situation or the other that conditioned us to earn less because of factors involved like parental, emotional and others.
When you earn more, you work smart and not hard and will not be stressed out financially all the time.
When you earn more, you empower your intelligence and imagination to figure out way to grow your earnings and become better by making yourself valuable and increase your level of financial discipline.
Acquire skills and develop yourself and it will boost your earnings with time. When you grow and improve on your skills with time, you can negotiate for pay rise or change job which enable you to plan and move faster if you have set goals.


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49 Responses to FOCUS ON EARNING

  1. bestylechic says:

    wow much needed article. very much informative . thanks ..

  2. Karthik KKC says:

    Earning is most important thing in now a days

  3. jlizette4426 says:

    All of this is very true! I’m currently trying to work on my craft to potentially increase my earnings. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Amy says:

    Very informative and interesting!!

  5. sheokrjadav says:

    After a long time.. Now I get a informative article.. Thanks a lot

  6. omkarkore says:

    Great article! Thanks a lot☺

  7. chethan says:

    very interesting article about the value of money i really appreciate it

  8. That’s right. We should always pay ourselves first. Well, if you believe in God, the sequence is Tithe, Save and Spend. We should try to live within our means and not spend what we haven’t earned.

  9. nazeer723 says:

    Very happy to read this blog

  10. Pay yourself first that is great advice. Thank you for the words of wisdom.

  11. Working towards the same! 😀

    Good article though!

  12. Very good article. People need a focus!

  13. very informative article – thanks for sharing. find this very practical and easy to understand 🙂

  14. very true and great post :)) i would say keep developing with small amount of income instead of thinking about big amount of income and you dont have skills :))

  15. Great article, very enlightening

  16. You have a very good point there. Working smart is better than a just working hard. And for earning more? I think we both have a same thought

  17. Cece says:

    Nice blog. Tyftt!😊👍🏼

  18. Zee says:

    Great tips. I’m going to start immediately

  19. easyclicksite says:

    You really a good Writter. It motivates. Thanks Bro

  20. Chander_Ajay says:

    That’s really good and you have written a clean article of self development and traits enhancement in such beautiful way

  21. Gistfans says:

    Nice article, keep it up bro.

    commenting from

  22. Gistfans says:

    nice article keep it up

  23. Sodunke ladi says:

    Good read and motivational.

  24. Gbnaija says:

    This is great…i am a writer and I will surely try this out. Thanks to the ADMIN for your knowledge

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