That morning, I went to see the man of God on how things degenerated for me. How things moved from bad to worse for me. When I entered his office, he was studying the bible. I greeted him respectfully, he reciprocated. I sat on the chair facing him.

“Timothy, hope all is well?” he asked when he saw the expression on my face

“Daddy it is not.”

“What’s the problem?” asked the aged man in his late sixties.

“Daddy I received a letter today that am suspended.” I said tears welling up in my eyes. I brought out my handkerchief to hold it back. I cleared my throat, I put the handkerchief into my pocket.

“Tell me what happened?”

“An expensive portable machine was stolen in my office; accusing fingers were pointed at me. The security men at the gate corroborated the evidence that they saw me carrying it home at an odd time. If the investigation is fully completed, I would either be sacked or demoted or even arrested.”

“All we need to do is commit everything into the hands of God.” He said

“I had an accident with my car four days ago only God knew how I survived. The car is beyond repairs.”

“It’s enough son, you are in the presence of the Lord.” He said

“Daddy, it’s not enough. My younger brother was illegitimately accused of robbery three weeks ago; I spent heavily to get him released but all to no avail. The case has taken another shape as I speak.”

“We thank God you are alive. There’s nothing hard for God to do. Let us pray.” He said

 He stretched out his hands to me, I held it tight. As we started praying, he kept pausing, speaking in tongues. After fifteen minutes of prayer, we opened our eyes and I wiped my face with my hands.

“Brother Timothy” he said and paused

“What is it Sir?”

“You are the cause of your own problems.”

I was shocked. How did I put myself in this situation? How did I make my life miserable? I asked myself a lot of questions waiting for the man of God to reply.

“You offended someone. The person is trying to get back at you.”

 I am lively and friendly type, always ready to make peace with people. How could I have offended someone and not have apologised? Where did I go wrong? Who could the person be?

“Who is the person Sir?”  I asked

“A woman.” He said

“ How did I meet this woman? Are we related? I never offended any woman in my life.  I searched through my mind, it clicked to me that it was my Aunty. She has been quarrelling with my mother for five years now.

“It’s my Aunty.”

“She’s not a member of your family.  You had an affair with her.”  He said

 Who could she be? How did I come across her? I kept travelling down memory lane but my mind went blank.

“You abandoned her and she’s trying to get back at you. Go on two days fasting and prayer and be back here to break your fasting, you would meet her here with me.”

“How can that be possible?”

“Just do as you are told.”

I stood up and went away. All through my prayer period, I kept thinking who the mystery lady was. I thought of the women I had dated, if there was anyone at all. It clicked to my memory that there was just three but we had minor misunderstanding.

 Tosin worked in a bank. She’s slim, with a face older than her age. We rarely had time for each other. The affair lasted for only four months. She tried to settle our misunderstanding but my heart was no more with her.

 Kabirah owned a boutique, she’s the jealous type. I could not cope with the embarrassment I experienced anytime she sees me with a lady. We broke up with a serious fight after eight months. She came back pleading, I chased her away. I wondered how I coped with her all this while.

 Mary was the latest girl I broke up with. She worked in law firm. She’s the nagging and lousy type. She made life unconducive for me; we broke up due to unreconciliable differences. Her brothers tried to settle our differences but I was busy running from pillar to pole searching for solution to my problems.

Two days later, I barged into the pastor’s office; I was motioned to the altar where he was discussing with a lady. When I got to the altar, I greeted the pastor and the lady but she did not respond, her back was facing me. When she turned to face me, I was stunned and short of words.

Modupe was my first love; we dated for seven years before breaking up. I ran into her in church when I finished my secondary school. She agreed to date me after numerous efforts. During that period, I got admitted into the university. The relationship blossomed till I graduated. She stood by me and supported me financially for two years till I got a job. As time went on, I got tired of her. We broke up when I caught her cheating on me.  The three of us was quiet for sometime till the man of God broke the silence

 “Brother Timothy this lady needs no introduction. You know she’s also a member of this church.”

“Yes Sir.”

She’s the source of your problem, the Lord showed me in a vision two days ago when we prayed together. If I had made it known, only God knew what would have happened.”

I was perplexed and almost bursting to tears.   

“You don’t need to cry. The most important thing is that there is a solution to your problem.”

“Modupe what have I done to deserve all this?” I asked

She did not reply or look towards my direction with her hard face.

“Brother Timothy you don’t need all these questions just give thanks to God.”

Inside of me kept boiling, I felt like strangling her to death, beating the hell out of her, I had to calm down to avoid the inevitable in the temple of God.

“This lady narrated all that transpired between the two of you.”

“She cheated on me. I caught her in the act.”

“She was drugged by the new convert when she went visiting alone. The guy has been expelled from church.” I kept quiet.

“Did you know she was pregnant for you but she lost the baby?”

“No.” I replied in shock, only to realize that tears were trickling down her eyes.

“She told me how she tried settling the misunderstanding with you for close to a year, you never gave her the chance to explain herself instead you changed women concurrently. You rushed to conclusion over an issue you were wrongly informed about.” He used the word of God to calm us down and the pain we both felt melted away like ice. We both felt a change of heart.

“I have forgiven him Daddy.” She said

“I have too.” I replied

  I thought the battle was over when the man of God stood up. The three of us held hands to pray. The man of God started with brief prayer, speaking in tongues and grew violent in the spirit. Modupe started trembling, scattering her hair with her hands. She fell on the floor and started rolling, screaming. She started misbehaving like someone suffering from epilepsy. I opened my eyes and watched as if it was a movie.

“We will not leave him alone. He belongs to us! Modupe handed him over to us. He’s already a living dead.” She started screaming heavily.

 The man of God kept speaking in tongues and praying heavily. Everywhere kept shaking under my feet  till a whirl wind from nowhere lifted me off my feet and hit my head to the pillar behind me, I fell  subconsciously to the floor.

The man of God woke me up. I could not remember where I was till he calmed me   down and it all came back afresh to me. I almost took to my feet till the man of God held my hands and I sat on the podium.

“The battle is over” he said

I breathed heavily while perspiration melted out of his skin. He kept praising God, giving God the glory while I watched helplessly.

“Where is she?” I asked weakly

“She’s in the prayer room. They planned on taking your life today in an hour time. God guided your steps here days ago. You are a vessel in the hand of the potter. You can go home now.”

I was scared of standing up not to talk of going home alone. The man of God saw the fear in me.

“Go now, you are free and free indeed.” He said

After the deliverance, I went back to see the man of God. He resolved the differences between me and Modupe. He made us understand that it was a serious test in our relationship, he counselled us and we got back together. I made peace with Mary and made her see reasons we need to go our separate ways that she was not my kind of woman.

I retraced my steps to my creator; I knew I had gone astray. I knew the material things had made me lost my stand with my Maker. I really made that change and those around me witnessed the change.



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